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  1. Firefox 4 Demos: Awesome CSS3 Planetarium

  2. Firefox 4: OpenType font feature support

    When @font-face support was introduced in Firefox 3.5, web authors were suddenly given a way of dramatically enhancing the typography used on their sites.¬† With all major browsers slated to soon support WOFF fonts offered by many font vendors, the range of fonts available on Read more…

  3. font_dragr: a drag and drop preview tool for fonts

  4. after Firefox 3.6 – new font control features for designers

  5. Web Open Font Format for Firefox 3.6

    This article was written by John Daggett. John is a Mozilla contributor and has been working hard with font creators and web developers to improve the state of fonts on the web. This article is a high-level overview of whats different and shows some examples Read more…

  6. (r)evolution number 5

    We’ve just launched Firefox 3.5, and we’re incredibly proud. Naturally, we have engaged in plentiful Mozilla advocacy — this site is, amongst other things, a vehicle for showcasing the latest browser’s new capabilities. We like to think about this release as an upgrade for the Read more…

  7. the potential of web typography

  8. web fonts and css features – a simple demonstration

  9. beautiful fonts with @font-face

    This article is also available in Bulgarian. While Firefox 3.0 improved typographic rendering by introducing support for kerning, ligatures, and multiple weights along with support for rendering complex scripts, authors are still limited to using commonly available fonts in their designs. Firefox 3.5 removes this Read more…