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  • Prototyping a subcontinent scale sculpture in A-Frame

    Back in 2016, I submitted a concept in response to the British Council call for entries to their UK-India 2017 Digital Open Call. Titled “A piece of Art as big as India”, the idea was to create an augmented reality sculpture that the people of India could not only view via mobile devices but sculpt […]

  • TypedArray or DataView: Understanding byte order

    Depending on how you access an ArrayBuffer you get different byte order on the same machine. So long story short: it makes a difference if you use a TypedArray or the setters from a DataView.

  • Firebug lives on in Firefox DevTools

    Firebug, the original browser developer tool, has been discontinued as a separate Firefox add-on, and will go forward as atop Firefox DevTools. The spirit of Firebug lives on in all of the browser developer tools we build and use today.

  • Level Up Your Cross-Browser Testing

    Today we’re announcing a special opportunity for web developers to learn how to build and automate functional browser tests — we’ve partnered with Sauce Labs to offer a special extended trial of their excellent tools, and we’ve created a custom learning resource as part of this trial. 2016: The year of web compat In 2016 […]

  • Firefox Hardware Report for Web Developers

    Suppose you’re developing a sophisticated web game or application, and you’re wondering — will it actually be able to run? What hardware should I be targeting to get the widest possible audience? Existing hardware reports (such as those from Valve and Unity) are excellent, but represent a different group of hardware users than the majority […]

  • W3C Workshop on Web and Virtual Reality: A Look Ahead

    The W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality was a massive success. In an unprecedented showing, all the major browser vendors and some of the biggest names in technology rallied around a single vision to help reshape how we will work and interact with the web of the future through VR.

  • Async/Await Arrive in Firefox

    The new async and await keywords—which make asynchronous code more concise, obvious, and maintainable—have arrived in Firefox 52. Currently available in the latest Developer Edition release, Firefox 52 is scheduled for general release in March 2017.

  • CSS Grid and Grid Highlighter Now in Firefox Developer Edition

    CSS Grid has just been uplifted to Firefox 52 Developer Edition. With Chrome (and hopefully Safari and Edge) implementations coming shortly, using grid to build websites will soon be possible in release browsers across the board. Grid allows users to decouple HTML from layout concerns, expressing those concerns exclusively in CSS. Reducing the risks of fragility, code bloat, and high maintenance costs inherent in how we currently build on the web, grid really does have the potential to change the way we do layouts.

  • Visualize animations easing in DevTools

    The easing (or timing function) of an animation is what dictates the way it progresses through time. For example, a linear easing means that an animation runs at the same speed throughout its duration. This means that if an element isn’t moving at first and then starts to move, it will do so instantly, as […]

  • New Responsive Design Mode: RDM Lands in Firefox Dev Tools

    Firefox Developer Tools now includes a completely redesigned Responsive Design Mode (RDM for short) that’s just landed in Firefox Developer Edition, thanks to hard work from the DevTools team. In a mobile-first world, it’s essential to prioritize performance for low-bandwidth and offline mobile experiences and design progressive web apps that can deliver across a range […]

  • Rust and the Future of Systems Programming

    If you’re a regular reader of Hacks, you probably know about Rust, the ground-breaking, community-driven systems programming language sponsored by Mozilla. I covered Rust on Hacks back in July, to note a major milestone for Mozilla, when we shipped Rust in Firefox for the first time. Meanwhile in Rust-land, the trains keep on rolling, more […]

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