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  • CSS Grid and Grid Highlighter Now in Firefox Developer Edition

    CSS Grid has just been uplifted to Firefox 52 Developer Edition. With Chrome (and hopefully Safari and Edge) implementations coming shortly, using grid to build websites will soon be possible in release browsers across the board. Grid allows users to decouple HTML from layout concerns, expressing those concerns exclusively in CSS. Reducing the risks of fragility, code bloat, and high maintenance costs inherent in how we currently build on the web, grid really does have the potential to change the way we do layouts.

  • Visualize animations easing in DevTools

    The easing (or timing function) of an animation is what dictates the way it progresses through time. For example, a linear easing means that an animation runs at the same speed throughout its duration. This means that if an element isn’t moving at first and then starts to move, it will do so instantly, as […]

  • New Responsive Design Mode: RDM Lands in Firefox Dev Tools

    Firefox Developer Tools now includes a completely redesigned Responsive Design Mode (RDM for short) that’s just landed in Firefox Developer Edition, thanks to hard work from the DevTools team. In a mobile-first world, it’s essential to prioritize performance for low-bandwidth and offline mobile experiences and design progressive web apps that can deliver across a range […]

  • Rust and the Future of Systems Programming

    If you’re a regular reader of Hacks, you probably know about Rust, the ground-breaking, community-driven systems programming language sponsored by Mozilla. I covered Rust on Hacks back in July, to note a major milestone for Mozilla, when we shipped Rust in Firefox for the first time. Meanwhile in Rust-land, the trains keep on rolling, more […]

  • Mozilla Push Server now supports topics

    The Mozilla Push Service now offers the capability to provide topics for notification messages. This means that any user agent subscribed to the application will only be provided with the last message in a topic when it returns from an offline state.

  • Cooperative Scheduling with requestIdleCallback

    requestIdleCallback support has landed in Firefox Nightly, with plans to ship in Firefox 52. Historically, there's been no way for scripts to "play nice" with user interaction and page rendering, leading to choppy frame rates and laggy input. Obviously, I wouldn't be writing this post if that were still true!

  • WebAssembly Browser Preview

    Since the last WebAssembly milestone we reached in March, we’ve been hard at work in the WebAssembly Community Group to define a standard and to implement that standard in our respective browsers. I’m happy to say now that we have a binary format release candidate and there are compatible implementations already in trunk SpiderMonkey and […]

  • Control mechanisms in JavaScript games

    Laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, even fridges have one thing in common — they can probably run a browser, so you can probably play an HTML5 game on them. Rendering the game on screen is one thing, but you also have to control it somehow, and there are plenty of different options suited for various […]

  • What’s new in IndexedDB 2.0?

    The draft of Indexed Database API 2.0 is almost complete, providing several new APIs for fine-grained access to IndexedDB. The good news is that all these new APIs are implemented in Firefox and will be available in the release of Firefox 51 (currently available in Developer Edition, scheduled for general release in January 2017). In […]

  • Offline strategies come to the Service Worker Cookbook is a compendium of common and uncommon Service Worker use cases including push examples, usage patterns, performance tips and caching strategies. Service Worker Cookbook recipes are presented as playgrounds or labs, with fully functional client-server setups, where you can learn and experiment with results using in-browser developer tools. Still, the cookbook is far from […]

  • An Interview With Giovanny Beltran, js13kgames Winner

    js13kgames, a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers, announced this year’s winners a few weeks ago. Today we have an interview with Giovanny Beltran, winner of many categories at js13kgames, and one of the best entries in this year’s contest. Giovanny has been programming for 13 years, and began working with JavasScript five years […]

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