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    Snapshots for IPC Fuzzing

    Process separation remains one of the most important parts of the Firefox security model and securing our IPC (Inter-Process Communication) interfaces is crucial to keep privileges in the different processes separated. We take a more detailed look at our newest tool for finding vulnerabilities in these interfaces – snapshot fuzzing.

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    Sponsoring sqlite-vec to enable more powerful Local AI applications

    Today we’re proud to announce the next Mozilla Builders project: sqlite-vec. Led by independent developer Alex Garcia, this project brings vector search functionality to the beloved SQLite embedded database. Alex has been working on this problem for a while, and we think his latest approach will have a great impact by providing application developers with a powerful new tool for building Local AI applications.

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    Experimenting with local alt text generation in Firefox Nightly

    Firefox 130 will introduce an experimental new capability to automatically generate alt-text for images using a fully private on-device AI model. The feature will be available as part of Firefox’s built-in PDF editor, and our end goal is to make it available in general browsing for users with screen readers.

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    Llamafile’s progress, four months in

    When Mozilla’s Innovation group first launched the llamafile project late last year, we were thrilled by the immediate positive response from open source AI developers. It’s become one of Mozilla’s top three most-favorited repositories on GitHub, attracting a number of contributors, some excellent PRs, and a growing community on our Discord server.

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    Porting a cross-platform GUI application to Rust

    In this blog post, we delve into the motivations for choosing Rust for our crash reporter, outline the unique challenges of designing an application that operates when the main browser has failed, and discuss the new architecture we've implemented. We also share insights into the technical nuances of the implementation, demonstrating how Rust's features are leveraged to handle crashes more effectively and securely.

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    Prototype even faster with the Gradio UI for Figma component library

    In the fast-paced world of generative AI, staying ahead means moving swiftly and smartly. That's why we've embraced Gradio, the low-code prototyping toolkit from Hugging Face, as our go-to for bringing new ideas to life.

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    Improving Performance in Firefox and Across the Web with Speedometer 3

    In collaboration with the other major browser engine developers, Mozilla is thrilled to announce Speedometer 3 today. Like previous versions of Speedometer, this benchmark measures what we think matters most for performance online: responsiveness. But today’s release is more open and more challenging than before, and is the best tool for driving browser performance improvements that we’ve ever seen.

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    Announcing Interop 2024

    Following the success of Interop 2023, we are pleased to confirm that the project will continue in 2024 with a new selection of focus areas, representing areas of the web platform where we think we can have the biggest positive impact on users and web developers.

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    Option Soup: the subtle pitfalls of combining compiler flags

    During the Firefox 120 beta cycle, a new crash signature appeared on our radars with significant volume. Engineers working on Firefox, explore the subtle pitfalls of combining compiler flags.

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    Puppeteer Support for the Cross-Browser WebDriver BiDi Standard

    Puppeteer now supports the next-generation, cross-browser WebDriver BiDi standard. This new protocol makes it easy for web developers to write automated tests that work across multiple browser engines.

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    Firefox Developer Edition and Beta: Try out Mozilla’s .deb package!

    A month ago, we introduced our Nightly package for Debian-based Linux distributions. Today, we are proud to announce we made our .deb package available for Developer Edition and Beta!

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