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  • Trainspotting: Firefox 44

    Trainspotting is a series of articles highlighting features in the lastest version of Firefox. A new version of Firefox is shipped every six weeks or sometimes eight– we at Mozilla call this pattern “release trains”. It’s a new year, and of course there’s a new Firefox! Let’s take a look at some of the goodies […]

  • HTML 5 game development video series

    Do you want to develop a game? Here’s an introductory video series to get you started on HTML 5 game development! Why HTML 5 The first video offers some reasons to consider making a game for the web: the power of having no friction in distribution, the freedom from siloed marketplaces, the choice of tools […]

  • Developer Edition 46 – More memory tooling, improved @media sidebar and more

    Firefox Developer Edition 46 is now here! In this version, we’ve added various memory profiling features and improved many of our current tools as well. This post covers some of the big changes that landed in this release. Dominator view in the memory tool A new view is now available within the Memory Tool that […]

  • Login Forms over HTTPS, Please

    Pretty much everyone who uses the web has used a password to log into something. And pretty much everyone who has used a password has put that password at risk by entering it into an insecure form. In Firefox 46 Developer Edition, we display a prominent warning to developers about this risk.  When a page […]

  • Google Analytics, Privacy, and Event Tracking

    Many of us use Google Analytics (GA) or similar third-party services to keep track of how people interact with our websites; telling us things like when people visit and what they click. This data can help us make important decisions, such as when to schedule maintenance or if a feature can be removed. Because these […]

  • Web Push Arrives in Firefox 44

    Have you ever wished that a website could notify you when something important happened, even if you didn’t have the site open? Maybe you’ve got an incoming WebRTC call, an instant message, or a financial update. Perhaps your city just declared an emergency snow plowing schedule. Sometimes you just want to know when something happens. […]

  • WebGL Off the Main Thread

    We’re happy to announce WebGL in Web Workers in Firefox 44+! Using the new OffscreenCanvas API you can now create a WebGL context off of the main thread. To follow along, you’ll need a copy of Firefox 44 or newer (currently Firefox Developer Edition or Firefox Nightly). You’ll have to enable this API by navigating […]

  • Firefox and the Web Speech API

    Speech Synthesis and recognition are powerful tools to have available on computers, and they have become quite widespread in this modern age — look at tools like Cortana, Dictation and Siri on popular modern OSes, and accessibility tools like screenreaders. But what about the Web? To be able to issue voice commands directly to a […]

  • Building games for Firefox OS TV

    With Firefox OS focused on a world of connected devices, it’s a good time to start building games for new and different displays. Panasonic offers a variety of Firefox OS-powered TVs — in this article we’ll outline how developing HTML5 games for huge television screens differs from the smartphone approach.

  • Trainspotting: Firefox in 2015

    Trainspotting is a series of articles highlighting features in the lastest version of Firefox. A new version of Firefox is shipped every six weeks- we at Mozilla call this pattern "release trains". The year is coming to a close, and even as the coals of 2015 fade to a soft orange, we've got Firefox releases […]

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