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  • How the Mozilla Community helps shape our products

    A product is first an idea, then a project, and then a prototype. Here, at Mozilla, our awesome community is there every step of the way to support and contribute to our products. None of what we do would be possible without this multicultural, multilingual community of like-minded people working together to be a better internet.

  • Improving Firefox stability with this one weird trick

    We break down how we reduced Firefox out-of-memory crashes on Windows with a simple trick. Poorly behaving web pages and apps are no longer capable of crashing the browser by exhausting memory.

  • Revamp of MDN Web Docs Contribution Docs

    The MDN Web Docs team recently undertook a project to revamp and reorganize the “Contribution Docs”. These are all the pages on MDN that describe what's what – the templates and page structures, how to perform a task on MDN, how to contribute to MDN, and the community guidelines to follow while contributing to this massive open source project.

  • Improving Firefox responsiveness on macOS

    If you're running Firefox on macOS you might have noticed that its responsiveness has improved significantly in version 103, especially if you've got a lot of tabs, or when your machine is busy running other applications at the same time. This improvement was achieved via a small change in how locking is implemented within Firefox's memory allocator.

  • The 100% Markdown Expedition

    In June 2021, we decided to start converting the source code for MDN web docs from HTML into a format that would be easier for us to work with. The goal was to get 100% of our manually-written documentation converted to Markdown, and we really had a mountain of source code to climb for this particular expedition. In this post, we’ll describe why we decided to migrate to Markdown, and the steps you can take that will help us on our mission.

  • Merging two GitHub repositories without losing commit history

    How do you merge two Git repositories without losing history? This post will take you through the step-by-step process.

  • Avatar photo

    Neural Machine Translation Engine for Firefox Translations add-on

    Firefox Translations is a website translation add-on that provides an automated translation of web content. In this article, we will discuss the technical challenges around the development of the translation engine and how we solved them to build a usable Firefox Translations add-on.

  • The JavaScript Specification has a New License

    As part of our work to ensure a free and open web, we've been working together with Ecma International, and many partners to write a License inspired by the W3C Document and Software License. Our goal was that JavaScript’s status would align with other specifications of the Web. In addition, with this new license available to all TCs at Ecma International, this will provide other organizations to approach standardization with the same perspective.

  • Fuzzing rust-minidump for Embarrassment and Crashes – Part 2

    For the last year, we've been working on the development of rust-minidump, a pure-Rust replacement for the minidump-processing half of google-breakpad. The final part in this series takes you through fuzzing rust-minidump.

  • Hacks Decoded: Bikes and Boomboxes with Samuel Aboagye

    Samuel Aboagye is a genius. Aboagye is 17 years old. In those 17 years, he’s crafted more inventions than you have, probably. Among them: a solar-powered bike and a Bluetooth speaker, both using recycled materials. We caught up with Aboagye over video chat in hopes that he’d talk with us about his creations, and ultimately how he’s way cooler than any of us at 17.

  • Everything Is Broken: Shipping rust-minidump at Mozilla – Part 1

    For the last year, we've been working on the development of rust-minidump, a pure-Rust replacement for the minidump-processing half of google-breakpad. The first in this two-part series explains what minidumps are, and how we made rust-minidump.

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