Spring Cleaning MDN: Part 1

As we’re all aware by now, we made some big platform changes at the end of 2020. Whilst the big move has happened, its given us a great opportunity to clear out the cupboards and closets.

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                                  Illustration by Daryl Alexsy


Most notably MDN now manages its content from a repository on GitHub. Prior to this, the content was stored in a database and edited by logging in to the site and modifying content via an in-page (WYSIWYG) editor, aka ‘The Wiki’. Since the big move, we have determined that MDN accounts are no longer functional for our users. If you want to edit or contribute content, you need to sign in to GitHub, not MDN.

Due to this, we’ll be removing the account functionality and removing all of the account data from our database. This is consistent with our Lean Data Practices principles and our commitment to user privacy. We also have the perfect opportunity to be doing this now, as we’re moving our database from MySQL to PostgreSQL this week.

Accounts will be disabled on MDN on Thursday, 22nd July.

Don’t worry though – you can still contribute to MDN! That hasn’t changed. All the information on how to help is here in this guide.

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Ruth John works as a Technical Writer at Mozilla. A recent addition to the MDN team, she's a big fan of web technologies, and not only enjoys writing about them, but building demos with them as well.

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    Fantastic, I want to contribute to MDN

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