A new video series: Web Demystified

We don’t have to tell you that video is a key channel for sharing information and instructional skills especially for students and developers who’ve grown up with YouTube. At Mozilla, we’ve always been a leader in supporting the open technologies that bring unencumbered video into the browser and onto the web.

But on top of the technology, there’s content. In 2018, Mozilla’s Developer Outreach team has launched some projects to share more knowledge in video. Earlier this year, Jen Simmons set a high bar with the launch of Layout Land, a series about “what’s now possible in graphic design on the web — layout, CSS Grid, and more.”

This post introduces Web Demystified, a new series targeting web makers. By web makers, I have in mind everyone who builds things for the web: designers, developers, project and team managers, students, hobbyists, and experts. Today we’ve released the opening two episodes on the Mozilla Hacks YouTube channel, introducing web basics.

Our goal is to provide basic information for beginner web makers, at the start of their web journey. The subject matter will also serve as a refresher on web fundamentals.

Our starting point

To begin, there is one question that needs to be answered: What is the web? And voila, here is our opener:

What to expect next

The next four episodes cover some basic technologies at the heart of the web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG). We will release a new show every couple weeks for your viewing pleasure. And then we will continue our journey into details, covering stuff like: how the browser works, image formats for the web, domain names, WebAssembly, and more…

As an added attraction, here is Episode #1 (the second show). It’s all about HTML:

An invitation to participate

In true Mozilla fashion, we’d welcome your help sharing this new content and helping us promote it.

  • If you enjoy those videos, please like them on YouTube, and share them with your friends, colleagues, family, and networks.
  • If you have constructive feedback on the series, please share it here in comments. (Reminder: these shows are aimed at beginners and we aim to keep them brief.)
  • In general, if there are topics you wish to see covered, tell us and if you have questions about the content itself: Ask!
  • Last but not least, if you’re not a native English speaker, please feel free to translate the video captions into your own language. Many people will thank you for that.

Enjoy Web Demystified! And see you in a fortnight.


About Jeremie Patonnier

Jeremie is a long time contributor/employee to the Mozilla Developer Network, and a professional web developer since 2000. He's advocating web standards, writing documentation and creating all sort of content about web technologies with the will to make them accessible to everybody.

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  1. John Moremm L. Abuyabor

    I love to restart and review things from the very beginning in order to re-assess what I have learned so far. And this series looks exactly what I’d like to make as a reference. Light, simple and fun to watch! Keep up the great work Mozilla.

    April 21st, 2018 at 06:10

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