WebVR for All Windows Users

With the release of Firefox 55 on August 8, Mozilla is pleased to make WebVR 1.1 available for all 64-bit Windows users with an Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE headset. Since we first announced this feature two months ago, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the tooling, art content, and applications being produced for WebVR – check out some highlights in this showcase video:

Sketchfab also just announced support for exporting their 3D models into the glTF format and have over 100,000 models available for free download under Creative Commons licensing, so it’s easier to bring high-quality art assets into your WebVR scenes with libraries such three.js and Babylon.js and know that they will just work.

They are also one of the first sites to take advantage of WebVR to make an animated short and highlight the openness of URLs to support link traversal to build awesome in-VR experiences within web content.

The growth in numbers of new users having their first experiences with WebVR content has been phenomenal as well. In the last month, we have seen over 13 million uses of the A-Frame library, started here at Mozilla to make it easier for web developers, designers and people of all backgrounds to create WebVR content.

We can’t wait to see what you will build with WebVR. Please show off what you’re doing by tweeting to @MozillaVR or saying hi in the WebVR Slack.

Stay tuned for an upcoming A-Frame contest announcement with even more opportunities to learn, experiment, and get feedback!

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Lars Bergstrom is the Research Engineering Manager for VR / AR at Mozilla. Previously, he obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science working on compilers and runtimes for parallel languages and before that he was an engineer and lead at Microsoft on Visual Studio.

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