Mozilla ♥ Rails Girls Summer of Code

Mozilla is working hard to support and advocate for diversity in the tech industry. On that note, we are proud to announce our support and sponsorship of the Rails Girls Summer of Code program, 2016 edition!

Rails Girls Summer of Code & Mozilla

Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) is a fellowship program conceived to bring more diversity in tech, and open source in particular. It provides a three-month paid scholarship for members of teams of two to work on and contribute to an open source project of their choice. If you want to know more about the program be sure to check out Anika Lindtner’s talk on the motivations behind it and results so far:

There are two Mozilla-mentored projects this year accepting applications:


Servo is Mozilla’s nascent browser engine, completely re-written from scratch with modern requirements in mind (e.g. high parallelization and security). Servo also has one more trick up its sleeve, and that is Rust. Rust is a low-level programming language, that besides its merits in memory safety, speed, and concurrency, is highly praised for its vibrant and inclusive community. This, and the fact that teams are not required to have any Rust-experience to apply, make Servo a really nice fit for the program.

Check the Servo project page on RGSoC.

Despite what’s implied in the original name (Ruby and Rails), in the last few years a wide variety of open-source projects and languages have participated in RGSoC, including projects in Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Rust, and Lua. These days, there is great diversity in the range of projects as well as in the teams themselves.


Tween.js is no exception. Created by Soledad Penadés, Mozilla DEVANGENEER, Tween JS provides a small but powerful and efficient tweening (interpolation) library in JavaScript. It can used in a variety of applications, from games to animations to libraries. Teams applying for this project will have a chance to maintain and improve the library while exploring and experimenting, as well as increasing their webby skills.

Check the Tween.js project page on RGSoC.

Team applications are open until Sunday 10th of April.
Apply here, or contribute to the project and help a team gain the chance to get involved in open source.

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