Applications Open for Expanded Tablet Contribution Program

Last month, Mozilla announced the Tablet Contribution Program to help deliver Firefox OS to the tablet form factor. Today, we are excited to open the Application for Hardware Support to Mozillians all over the world who will sign up to contribute to Firefox OS coding, testing, localizing, and product planning.

The first device for this program is the 10″ InFocus tablet from Foxconn, with a 1.0GHz Quad-Core Cortex-A7 processor.

Foxconn's InFocus F1 New Tab running Firefox OS <strong>Brand/Model:</strong> Foxconn InFocus
<strong>Processor:</strong> A31 (ARM Cortex A7) Quad-Core 1.2GHz w/ PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU
<strong>RAM:</strong> 2GB
<strong>Storage:</strong> 16GB
<strong>Screen:</strong> 10.1" IPS capacitive multi-touch @ 1280x800
<strong>Camera:</strong> Dual cameras, 2MP/5MP
<strong>Wireless:</strong> 802.11b/g/n
<strong>Ports:</strong> Micro SD, Micro USB, headphone
<strong>Other:</strong> GPS/AGPS, Bluetooth, Gyroscope
<strong>Battery:</strong> 7000mAh

Today, we’re also excited to announce an upcoming addition to the program, a 7″ Vixen tablet from VIA, with a 1.2Ghz Dual core Cortex-A9 processor.

VIA Vixen running Firefox OS <strong>Brand/Model:</strong> VIA Vixen
<strong>Processor:</strong> WM8880 (ARM Cortex A9) Dual-Core 1.2Ghz w/ Dual-Core Mali 400 GPU
<strong>RAM:</strong> 1GB
<strong>Storage:</strong> 8GB
<strong>Screen:</strong> 7" capacitive multi-touch @ 1024x600
<strong>Camera:</strong> Dual cameras, 0.3MP/2.0MP
<strong>Wireless:</strong> 802.11b/g/n
<strong>Ports:</strong> Micro SD, Micro USB, Mini HDMI, headphone
<strong>Other:</strong> Bluetooth, Accelerometer
<strong>Battery:</strong> 4000mAh

We have limited quantities of these developer devices so we’re looking for dedicated contributors who can commit to regular testing and reporting of defects, identifying and documenting feature gaps with competitor tablets, triaging incoming bug reports, localizing and translating UI, prioritizing work and building roadmaps, hacking on existing features and bugs, defining new features and experiences, and more.

If that sounds exciting to you, and you’ve got time and skills to work with Mozilla to make a real difference in the tablet space, apply now for free developer tablet hardware from Mozilla.


  1. Théo Chevalier

    So many news today! So proud of Mozilla, very exciting time.
    Can’t wait to hack!

    February 23rd, 2014 at 09:45

  2. hafizh

    wow amazing , i want it

    February 23rd, 2014 at 10:03

  3. ilham akbar gaus

    i have done apply, i hope i can get it.. like it :3 support firefox

    February 23rd, 2014 at 10:09

  4. mamdohibrahim

    نتمنى لكم كل التوفيق

    February 23rd, 2014 at 11:05

  5. Asa Dotzler

    Théo, yes, it’s a very exciting year for Mozilla. It reminds me of the year or so leading up to Firefox’s launch a decade ago.

    hafizh, you should apply! If you can help us make it great, we want you to have the hardware to do it.

    ihham, good luck! We have a limited supply and will be evaluating the applications over the coming couple of weeks.

    mamdohibrahim, thank you for the well wishes. We could use more Arabic speakers participating. Did you apply?

    February 23rd, 2014 at 11:58

  6. petzichen

    How long I could wait for an answer from you? And how do you know my eMail-adress there? :O From my Mozillians-account? I love Firefox OS :D I would it enjoy :P

    February 23rd, 2014 at 12:18

  7. Asa Dotzler

    petzichen, we will be reviewing applications as they come in and responding to everyone within a couple of weeks of their application submissions. You need to put your email address in the form if you want to be considered for a tablet.

    February 23rd, 2014 at 13:01

  8. Tristan Tilson

    Can’t wait to see if I get accepted for the program!!

    February 23rd, 2014 at 13:22

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Tristan, I share your enthusiasm for this program. It’s very exciting to me to be able to help people get over the participation hump of not having a Firefox OS device, or the right one.

      We’re going to begin our tablet explorations with a lot more community than we did our early phone explorations.

      February 23rd, 2014 at 13:41

  9. Tristan Tilson

    Asa I might’ve put in the wrong email address what should I do?

    February 23rd, 2014 at 13:41

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Tristan, you should be able to submit a second form (somewhat of a pain in the behind, but…) and I’ll clear out the older one. Alternatively, if there’s enough information in your form for me to find the right contact address (like a Mozillians profile URL or similar) I can use that.

      February 23rd, 2014 at 13:43

      1. Tristan Tilson

        Thanks Asa for your help. I just resubmitted an application for the program and hope that i will be selected to help out in any way i can! Do you have any idea of when i may know of when i am Selected or not?

        February 23rd, 2014 at 14:05

        1. Asa Dotzler

          Tristan, depends some on the volume of applications and how long it takes me to sort through them. You will hear something within two weeks.

          February 23rd, 2014 at 14:50

  10. Fachrul Razy

    I can’t wait to contribute to Mozilla.. especially the Firefox OS…

    February 23rd, 2014 at 17:46

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Wonderful! You can get a start with docs at

      February 23rd, 2014 at 18:22

  11. Psep

    Cool! I love Firefox OS!!! :D

    February 23rd, 2014 at 18:07

  12. Adwait Sharma

    Asa, I am really excited about this :)

    I filed an application but, received no confirmation or any acknowledgement mail. Is it normal ?

    February 23rd, 2014 at 18:13

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Adwait, that’s normal. Don’t want to start sending email until we have something useful to say. I see your application did make it through.

      February 23rd, 2014 at 18:19

      1. Adwait Sharma

        Great ! Thank you.

        February 23rd, 2014 at 18:22

  13. Antoine Turmel

    This is great news :)
    I made a request for me, and the Fab Lab in my town made a request too.

    February 24th, 2014 at 03:52

    1. Asa Dotzler


      February 24th, 2014 at 10:45

  14. fbender

    Just applied as well, the essay got a little longer than I planned, though (I only passed the length restriction due to a “bug” in the word counting: a forward slash is not counted as a separator) – I hope that’s okay. Just too much excitement for what lies ahead!

    (BTW: a plus sign in the email adress is still not allowed for the comment form, Bug 788113.)

    February 24th, 2014 at 08:52

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Wow. Great! Thanks.

      February 24th, 2014 at 10:46

  15. Ima GB

    Hi everybody,

    I’ve been reading the specifications of the new Fifefox OS tablets, and I haven’t found anything about FM Radio chip/hardware in this devices.
    Could anyone tell me if this chip is going to be in those tablets?? I’m developing an app using FM Radio API, so it’s so important for me know it.


    February 24th, 2014 at 09:19

    1. Asa Dotzler

      I’ll double check, but I believe that the 10″ tablet has an FM radio while the 7″ does not.

      February 24th, 2014 at 10:47

  16. Ram

    Another awesome news. Applied just now. Looking forward to get accepted :) Thanks you very much Asa Dotzler.

    February 24th, 2014 at 13:08

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Good luck!

      February 24th, 2014 at 21:09

  17. 陈立

    Can I submit the reports in Chinese ? Or only English?
    VIA Vixen 颇具诱惑啊!支持FFOS,看好你哦!
    wow amazing,i want them

    February 24th, 2014 at 19:36

    1. Asa Dotzler

      English, please.

      February 24th, 2014 at 21:09

      1. leona

        Is there any different from developing on mobile?

        February 24th, 2014 at 23:03

        1. Asa Dotzler

          The program is primarily focused on developing the operating system itself, and its built in system and productivity apps which are all written completely in JavaScript and HTML5.

          February 25th, 2014 at 15:00

  18. Isham Mohamed

    Wowowowow… Just applied for tge program Hope I would lime to get one and transtale the total Firefox OS to tamil language and pory my Web apps as Firefox OS apps as well..

    February 26th, 2014 at 11:08

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Thanks for your enthusiasm, Isham. You can start learning about Firefox OS development at and

      February 26th, 2014 at 12:12

      1. Isham Mohamed

        I am already started developing apps for Firefox OS.. and a Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 dev as well. hope to port all my apps to Firefox..

        February 28th, 2014 at 10:19

  19. Anmol

    Well, that’s another great news from Mozilla!
    I’d like to contribute!
    Applied! Hope I get one, fingers crossed!

    February 26th, 2014 at 12:55

  20. Rejah

    I filed an application.How could i confirm my request received?

    February 26th, 2014 at 14:39

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Rejah, we will be reaching out to everyone who applied in the next couple of weeks with updates on those selected and not. Thanks for applying!

      February 26th, 2014 at 14:54

  21. Saddam Hossain

    Cool! Just finished applying. Would be a great experience to have one and contribute.

    February 28th, 2014 at 07:17

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Good luck, Saddam!

      February 28th, 2014 at 09:18

  22. ariestiyansyah

    Just submited the form, hopefully can get the device :D .anyway I’ve submited 2 times sir, already confirm to your mozilla mail, please check. Thank you so much.

    February 28th, 2014 at 22:53

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Yes, Rizky, I see your application.

      March 1st, 2014 at 10:48

  23. Abhiram

    Applied :)

    I can’t wait to get my hands on it :D. In the meantime, I would be happy to look at ways to localize firefox os into my mother tongue( Telugu from India).

    Are there any active localization projects in my language? If so can I join them?


    March 1st, 2014 at 22:20

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Abhiram, yes, visit and to learn more about the Mozilla contributors working there. has the main information on localization.

      March 2nd, 2014 at 10:08

  24. Pavi

    Asa I applied for the program. I am willing to contribute to the project in various ways , hope the text I have sent is too diversified. L10n in my local language is something which I am passionate about . But I also would like to see the coming together of “Knowledge of commons” like wikipedia , open standards and L10n creating a useful experience for the targetted audience who mostly are from the developing world and would be introduced to probably their first tablet ever !

    Also as a linux geek it would be nice to play around and hack a linux tablet which hopefully has all drivers and support from the hardware manufacturer. Ints interesting to see accelerometer which means there is a potential to create a racing game with movement controls. Also how does the GPS work with out sim slot, guessing it doesn’t need “assistance” as AGPS and if so it would be great to have offline maps using OSM

    March 1st, 2014 at 22:28

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Thanks for applying, Pavi!

      March 2nd, 2014 at 10:06

  25. Sourav Lahoti

    Its time to make Tablet experience better for the users. Applied for the program. All set and Geared up.

    March 3rd, 2014 at 22:20

  26. Jithin Shah

    Asa another doubt abt ffos . When will it get support for accelerometer ? looking forword to hack the tab and make it child- friendly .

    March 5th, 2014 at 04:45

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Gecko has had support for speaking to accelerometers for many years now.

      March 5th, 2014 at 09:14

  27. Asa Dotzler

    We’re wrapping up the first round of applications in 24 hours. There will be another round :)

    March 7th, 2014 at 01:04

  28. Sourav Lahoti

    If we don’t get selected do we need to re apply in the second round or the same application will be taken into consideration.

    March 7th, 2014 at 05:07

  29. Richard Secrist

    I’m so glad to see Firefox OS come to tablet space! Is there a way to put up Firefox OS images in VMs, on other non-project tablets, or even netbooks? What kind of evaluations are taking place concerning OS security?

    I’ve been looking for a way to contribute at Mozilla and blazing new trails, especially in areas like automated software testing that I have experience in, would be an awesome way to help! What was the cutoff time for the first round? If I missed it, do you have a date for the second round yet?

    Thank you kindly!

    March 7th, 2014 at 20:04

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Don’t have a date for the second round. You don’t need a tablet to test Firefox OS. You can work on it in the Firefox App Manager and Firefox OS Simulator

      March 11th, 2014 at 11:28

  30. Asa Dotzler

    Applications wrapping up in 1.5 hours. It’s not clear yet whether we will need a second application for the next round of the program. We may have different goals requiring some different qualifications. If so, I think we can save repeat applicants answering some of the same questions twice. I’m still looking into this.

    March 7th, 2014 at 23:27

    1. Cristian Silaghi

      Asa, any news? :)

      March 9th, 2014 at 03:50

    2. Cristian Silaghi

      Asa, any news? :D

      March 10th, 2014 at 10:47

      1. Asa Dotzler

        What kind of news are you after? Applications for round one have closed. We’re evaluating them now. As noted in the application process, we will have results within the month of the applications opening, so within the next two weeks. I hope we can move quickly and get results this week but there are a lot of applications to read through.

        March 11th, 2014 at 11:26

    3. Richard Secrist

      Thanks Asa. Can Firefox OS run under VirtualBox?


      March 10th, 2014 at 21:24

  31. Anmol

    When can we expect a mail telling us if we were selected?

    March 9th, 2014 at 12:10

  32. Fredrik

    Can a download a rom copy for the wondermedia 8880 somewhere to run firefox os?

    March 11th, 2014 at 10:41

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Fredrik, not that I know of.

      March 11th, 2014 at 11:24

  33. Tanay Pant

    I got Firefox Student Ambassador’s newsletter today. Now its too late to apply for a developer tablet. I wished to apply for the creative development and penetration testing of the Firefox OS.

    Any way I could apply now?

    March 11th, 2014 at 10:53

    1. Asa Dotzler

      Tanay, there will be more opportunities in the near future. Stay tuned.

      March 11th, 2014 at 11:07

  34. Jitesh Middha

    Mozilla’s Tablet Contribution Program is is not accepting additional applications at this time. Thank You!


    March 11th, 2014 at 10:54

  35. Zarif

    I am so psyched !! this is gonna be amazing I’m sure. Really want to see how the tab looks and works !

    March 11th, 2014 at 10:56

  36. Asa Dotzler

    I’m sorry for those who are just now learning about this through the newsletter and are hitting a closed door. We just wrapped up the first round of applications, but there will be a second round. Stay tuned.

    I hope we’ll have the first round sorted and evaluated this week and those of you who completed the applications will be receiving an email with results in the next week or so.

    March 11th, 2014 at 11:07

  37. Siddharth Parashar

    Waiting desperately for second round Mozilla OS in tablets sounds cool…I am into testing do let me know about second round..Happy to help …test and fgix bugs.

    March 11th, 2014 at 11:46

  38. Anton

    Hello. If I had submitting application in the first round, will be it in second round of this program?

    March 12th, 2014 at 05:19

    1. Asa Dotzler

      we are considering this now. expect an answer in the email to all applicants that’s coming soon.

      March 19th, 2014 at 14:32

  39. Priyank Agarwal

    Mozilla’s Tablet Contribution Program has reached its application goals for the first round of tablets. There will be a second round, so stay tuned for updates.

    :/ :( :'(…

    March 12th, 2014 at 06:02

  40. san45

    Hope phase 2 begin soon :/

    March 13th, 2014 at 09:54

  41. odumuyiwa leye

    Hope the second round selection will begin soon

    March 13th, 2014 at 13:09

  42. Francisco Duarte

    I have been working and trying all (or at least almost all) of the Mozilla products since the beginning and seriously, there is no other web navigator like it! Mozilla is always participating in one way or another to keep the Internet free! Just wanted to tell you guys once more, Thank you!
    And yes, I would love to be able to testing some of your hardware!
    Mozilla people, please keep up the good work! Cheers!

    March 15th, 2014 at 00:29

  43. Jose Garcia

    I have been working with many Mozilla products since the beginning and to me, there is no other company providing us with web tools like it!
    Mozilla is always fighting to maintaining the Internet free!
    Thank you!

    March 15th, 2014 at 00:36

  44. phemy

    mozilla is really making browsing on devices easy. kudos to you guys

    March 17th, 2014 at 08:37

  45. Rimas

    Hi Asa! I’m wondering: will Mozilla contact everyone or just the folk selected to receive the tablets? Having filled out the form, I would surely want to get a reply, even if negative – just to cease waiting and move on without the feeling that an important e-mail message I received might have been miscategorized as spam or simply overlooked. ;)

    March 19th, 2014 at 14:11

    1. Asa Dotzler

      We will contact everyone. I’m working on the emails now :)

      March 19th, 2014 at 14:32

      1. Rimas

        Great, thanks for the reply! :)

        March 20th, 2014 at 10:58

      2. Cristian Silaghi

        Asa, when do you plan to contact everyone? :)

        March 23rd, 2014 at 08:33

  46. Tanay Pant

    When will the second round of applications be open? Any estimate?

    March 20th, 2014 at 02:42

  47. rejul

    I love it. i want it.

    March 22nd, 2014 at 22:06

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