Leave No One Behind with HTML5 – presentation at FFWD.PRO in Zagreb, Croatia

In June I had the pleasure to speak at the FFWD.PRO conference in Zagreb, Croatia, about HTML5, progressive enhancement and new features and suggested APIs.

I had previously spoken with Marko Dugonjic and said that he should really organize a conference in Croatia. Said and done, he acted on it and created FFWD.PRO! So, naturally, I wanted to be there and take part of it! It was a well-organized conference targeted at web professionals in general, with the main focus on user experience.

It had a good mix of speakers and a broad spectrum of topics was covered.

The presentation: Leave No One Behind with HTML5

My presentation tried to cover both where we have been coming from, and various enhancements and possibilities we get with HTML5. Below follows a video of the presentation:

The video of Leave No One Behind with HTML5 is also available at Vimeo.

Here are the slides to go with the video:

The slides are also available on Slideshare.

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  1. Tom

    Neither the slides nor the video is accessible to me from the current Nightly release.

    October 30th, 2012 at 05:55

  2. Robert Nyman

    I can’t say why that is: either something’s bad in that version of Nightly (since they are experimental releases) or there is something in Vimeo’s and Slideshare’s code that hasn’t been tested there yet.

    October 30th, 2012 at 06:00

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