Mozilla HTML5 Games Work Week: 13–17th Feb

Next week is the first Mozilla HTML5 games work week. In this post I’ll talk briefly about what this is and why we think it’s important.

Over the past few months and years it has become clear that HTML5 and JavaScript are proving more than enough for the creation of games on the Web. The creation of games using these technologies is something Mozilla cares about a lot and it’s because of this that we want to help out where we can.

One of the ways we are trying to help is by organising a HTML5 games work week in our Toronto office. This event is taking place next week and is going to be attended by countless developers and staff from within Mozilla as well as external game developers and interested parties.


The main purpose of this work week is to work out how gaming fits in amongst the other key priorities for Mozilla, like our work with apps, and what path to take in the future to make stuff happen.

Part of the week will be taken up with internal discussion between Mozilla staff. This will be to discuss existing concerns and ideas as well as to strengthen ties and make sure we’re all on the same page in regards to gaming at Mozilla.

Another part of the week will consist of external game developers and invited guests sharing their experiences with HTML5 game development and demonstrating particular issues to our engineers. The point of this is to get some perspective on real-life game development and the issues that come with it.

Overall, we hope that this work week will give us enough information to start formulating a coherent and deliberate plan for gaming and how it fits within Mozilla and Firefox.

Following up

I’m certain that next week will be an enlightening experience and in the spirit of openness we will post an update on this blog with our findings.

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