HTML5: Time for some slicker apps – a talk at Kings of Code

The Kings of code conference in Amsterdam attracted a few hundred backend developers. Part hackday, part conference, Kings of Code spans over a few days and brings together developers from various backgrounds. The ambitious goal of the Mozilla keynote was to cover the relevant parts of HTML5 and CSS3 for this audience in 25 minutes.

The presentation slides are available here and embedded below (use cursor keys to navigate back and forth and hit ‘n’ to show and hide the notes):

The audio recording of the talk (raw, unedited) is available on

Overall the reaction was good, and we hope we managed to bust some myths and look forward to see what people do with the inspiration.

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  1. Simon Jackson

    Thanks for this – its a really good overview of HTML5 and CSS3. The WEBGL Water demo is incredible. Its interesting to note the irony that as connection speeds increase, more processing power is being made available at the client machine meaning less data transfer is necessary. In the “old days” when connection speeds were lower you had no other option than to process on the server and send more data to the client!

    September 26th, 2011 at 01:41

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