Mozilla Hacks Weekly, August 18th 2011

It’s Thursday, folks, and you know what that means, right? It’s time for Mozilla Hacks Weekly, with recommended reading from the Mozilla Developer Engagement Team!

Weekly links August 18th 2011

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Here comes this week’s treats!

Christian Heilmann

A picture of Christian Heilmann This water implementation in WebGL is incredibly impressive. Turn the box and also don’t forget to drag the ball around. Beautifully done and it shows that interactive WebGL experiences are very engaging. Imagine this paired with touch interfaces and you have the introductory screen Microsoft’s Surface table had.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Christian, he’s available on Twitter as @codepo8.

Janet Swisher

A picture of Janet Swisher HTML5 and the document outlining algorithm. As dear as this topic is to my tech writer heart, it’s also important for anybody creating content for the web.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Janet, she’s available on Twitter as @jmswisher.

Jay Patel

A picture of Jay Patel Anatomy of a HTML5 Mobile App Tries to answer the question: “We all agree HTML5 can get the job, but can it DO the job?” A interesting look at all the pieces to developing an HTML5 mobile app vs going native.

Jay can be found on Twitter as @jaybhai

Jeff Griffiths

A picture of Jeff Griffiths Firefox Electrolysis 101 (part 1) Tim Taubert started an excellent series of posts on Electrolysis, Firefox’s upcoming multi-process architectural shift. Highly recommended for add-on developers or people interested in the future of Firefox development.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Jeff, he’s available on Twitter as @canuckistani.

Louis-Rémi Babe

A picture of Louis-Rémi Babe Andrea Giammarchi compares the different ways of loading javascript in a Web page and introduces a new minimalistic loader: yal.js. Andrea is a javascript ninja and you can trust him to produce state of the art solutions when tackling such problems.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Louis-Rémi, he’s available on Twitter as @Louis_Remi.

Rob Hawkes

A picture of Rob Hawkes Forever is a command line interface that lets you keep your Node apps running for, well, ever! Never again do you have to worry about a random crash taking your app down until you next check on it.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Rob, he’s available on Twitter as @robhawkes.

Robert Nyman

A picture of Robert Nyman Understanding Hardware Acceleration on Mobile Browsers – Explaining hardware acceleration and how web browsers are affected by it.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Robert, he’s available on Twitter as @robertnyman.

Stormy Peters

A picture of Stormy Peters Mozilla Brown Bag on BrowserID & Privacy – It really worries me when people login to sites with their Facebook identity. They are giving control over their identity on the web to a non neutral third party. Mozilla is trying to fix this problem with BrowserID. It will let you login to websites with one ID – in ways that preserve your privacy.

Stormy can be found on Twitter as @storming

Tristan Nitot

A picture of Tristan Nitot The new release of Firefox has brought us ScratchPad, a very cool new tool for Web devs, a bit like the Web Console on steroids. Kevin Dangoor has a great post on this: Introducing ScratchPad. Web devs who want to know what is coming in this department with future Firefox versions should follow the Devtools blog!

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Tristan, he’s available on Twitter as @nitot.

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