Browserscene: Creating Demos on the Web – Presentation at ASSEMBLY

Last Friday I got to attend and speak at the ASSEMBLY event in Finland. The atmosphere was amazing, just check out this photo:


Here is how the organisers describe the event:

ASSEMBLY is a four day computer festival, in which thousands of people and their computers spend the long weekend by meeting friends, playing games, surfing on the net, talking on IRC and enjoying the great productions from the demoscene. The idea is to be there with or without your computer and enjoy the great atmosphere of being with like-minded people. ASSEMBLY is for anyone who enjoys doing just a bit more with their computer: be it tweaking your hardware, making web pages, playing games, spending hours on IRC, making great graphics or music with your computer or programming complex routines. ASSEMBLY is where you meet the most interesting people, have the greatest game matches, and see the most amazing demoscene works of art. ASSEMBLY is where you need to be.

Sounds great, right? It’s probably one of my new favourite places in the world.

Creating demos on the Web

My talk at ASSEMBLY was all about the browserscene, which is my way of referring to the demoscene on the Web. In the talk I covered all the latest technologies that are out there within browsers that allow you to create amazing games and demos, all with nothing but HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.



Further resources

I mention a lot of resources throughout the talk. I’ve listed all the major ones on my blog and have provided links to them all.

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  1. Cezary Tomczyk

    Assembly will always associate me with the party and the Amiga computer. These were the times.

    August 10th, 2011 at 09:14

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