Want to hack the news? Join the Knight-Mozilla news tech community

The 2011 Knight-Mozilla news tech challenge is drawing to a close on Sunday, June 5th.

The Knight-Mozilla partnership, affectionately called “MoJo,” is a program for hacks and hackers to pair up and develop fresh ideas for the news business.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and harness the transformative potential of the open web. To get started, simply submit an idea to one of the following three challenges before Sunday, June 5th at 11:59 Eastern Time:

•Unlocking Video
How would you bring the best qualities of the web to news video?

•Beyond Comment Threads
How would you create more dynamic spaces for news discussion?

•People-Powered News
How would you improve the way we create and consume news?

We don’t need a full proposal—just a good idea. A back of napkin sketch. How would you use open web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, WebGL, node.js, and others to give the news business a much needed shot in the arm? What are the possibilities inherent in the open web platform to connect news producers, consumers, and sharers?

Submit an idea before Sunday, June 5th and you could qualify. The rewards are many—a 4-week class with John Resig, Aza Raskin, and other talented hackers to develop your news tech ideas. A multi-day development sprint in Berlin to prototype your innovative news technology idea. Even a well-paid (and prestigious) fellowship inside the newsrooms at Al Jazeera English, the BBC, boston.com, the Guardian, or Zeit online.

If you have a passion for news and a knack for hack, head over and share your idea!