The Mozilla Developer Roadshow Talks: Firefox, WebAssembly, CSS, WebXR and More

The Mozilla Developer Roadshow program launched in 2017. Our mission: Bring expert speakers and technology updates to local communities through free events and partnerships. These interactive meetup-style events help developers find resources and activities relevant to their day-to-day productivity and professional skill development.

Dev Roadshow EU, August 2019

The roadshow through Germany and Austria featured four back-to-back evening events from August 26th-29th. In Nuremberg, Munich, Linz, and Vienna, we met over 400 local developers and designers in their hometowns. In fact, at every stop we found strong interest and lively curiosity about the web platform.

For this tour, Mozilla partnered with the beyond tellerrand team, led by Marc Thiele. And today, we’re excited to share the video recordings with you!

The Talks

Five Mozilla speakers presented in each city; we added guest speakers in Munich and Vienna. First up, Ali Spivak, Mozilla’s Director of Developer Relations, opened each session with an overview of Firefox and highlights from our emerging technology projects.

An Update on Firefox and Mozilla

In addition, each event included our signature networking hour. As always, we encouraged attendees and speakers to bridge the speaking stage gap. In this informal setting, we enjoyed real conversations about the real concerns of people who work on the web. Mozilla TechSpeakers Hui Jing Chen and Fabien Benetou joined the team, along with Mozilla Research Engineer Diane Hosfelt, and Developer Advocate Dan Callahan.

Understanding Modern CSS

XR in the Browser

Engineering for privacy in Mixed Reality

WebAssembly in the Browser and Beyond

Dev Roadshow Asia: Register now

In November, the Mozilla Developer Roadshow tour continues in Asia. Free tickets are now available, so you can register today for one of the following events:

Make sure to secure your spot by registering now!

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