Mozilla at conferences – June edition

Welcome to a quick round-up of what Mozillians have been talking about at events in and around June.

Campus Party Guadalajara

  • Frédéric Harper spoke at Devoxx UK about “Getting the best out of your design with responsive web design
  • Robert Nyman spoke at JSCamp Romania about “Five stages of development (slidesvideo)”
  • David Baron spoke at CSS Day about “Efficient CSS Animations (slideshowall slides)
  • Chris Heilmann visited Campus Party Mexico to deliver the keynote “The Future of the Open Web (video, slides)”. There were also various talks by local Mozillians.
  • Nick Desaulniers spoke at HTML5DevConf about “Raw WebGL (video)” whilst Chris Heilmann delivered the “Write less, achieve meh (notes)” keynote.
  • Soledad Penadés covered an inordinate amount of amazing things at Goto Amsterdam in her “Invest in the future: build for the web! (notes and screencast)” talk.
  • Open Source Bridge in Portland had a whole bunch of Mozillians presenting (the site also has lots of notes of what happened where and when and is worth visiting):
  • Dale Harvey attended Scotch on the Rocks and talked about “The offline Web (slidesvideo)” and took part in the panel discussion on “When is Enough Enough (video)
  • Campus Party Guadalajara

    If you want to know where we will present, check the Where is Mozilla? page. If you are interested in getting a Mozilla presenter for your event, why not tell us about it?

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