Mozilla at OpenReaktor Warsaw – Firefox OS and Open Business

As a warm-up for Mozcamp happening in Warsaw, Poland this weekend the Mozilla DevEngage team together with Reaktor Warsaw gave around 100 developers and entrepreneurs a first look at Firefox OS and the upcoming infrastructure Mozilla is working on to enable Open Business.

Chris Heilmann and Brian King had an hour to bring our messages across before the crowd descended on the Pizza and drinks and more informal but not less animated, smaller discussions ensued.

Reaktor filmed and live-streamed the session, and you can also watch the recording online.

The slides to our talks The road to a truly open mobile operating system and Open Web, Open Business are available on the web.

All in all this was a great evening and we want to thank OpenReaktor for having us and doing a great job in streaming and producing the recording. We had a lot of engaging discussions with the attendees and see what else we can do in the future.

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