A look into a Firefox work week

This post was originally published as A Compendium of Awesome, and is a short summary of a Firefox work week. Posted here to give an overview, with focus on some details, about things happening with Firefox developement.

Team Firefox 2012Two weeks ago, the Firefox team got together for a work week in Toronto. It was amazing. Walking through a room with that many excellent people doing excellent things was inspiringhumblingunbelievable and the hits kept on rolling.

The combined mobile and graphics teams cut the beta blocker list for Fennec Native in half. The desktop team banged together a working prototype of sign in to the browser. The firefox tech leads worked with product and project management to nail down the kilimanjaro bug list for desktop. Madhava gave a great talk about the future of Firefox UX. I would have scored it as a strong success based on those outcomes alone.

And then this happened:


Lightning Talks

I know I’ve missed things. I know some of it is still being written up. In fact, I’m not even the first to write a round up post. Here’s Finkle doing the same, and dcamp, and cwiiis.

FX-Team is big enough these days that it’s quite an undertaking to get us all together in one place. But man, it’s phenomenal when we do.

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  1. Brandon Burton

    Sounds like a great work week.

    May 9th, 2012 at 15:40

  2. Nano Suarez

    Great! Without your work, my job would be much harder

    October 1st, 2012 at 06:30

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