Mozilla MDN Hack Day on Tour, Heading South

The MDN spring tour continues with a trip into autumn in the Conosur – the southernmost region of South America. We’re heading south to participate in MozCamp, a gathering of the Mozilla Hispano community, and to meet web developers in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; São Paulo, Brazil; and Santiago, Chile. We’ll introduce some exciting new Mozilla projects like Boot-to-Gecko (B2G), Apps, Persona, and WebFWD and show some of our work on developer tools, Firefox, and the Add-ons SDK. We’d like to spend time hacking with web developers and sharing Mozilla’s vision of the open, user-centric Web.

Our message: The Web is the platform and it’s built from open technologies. Learn how you can collaborate with MDN on browser-agnostic documentation for the Web as a whole, or contribute to the Mozilla mission and Open Source initiatives through coding and evangelism. There many, many ways to get involved.

If you’re a developer, designer, documentation writer, technologist, entrepreneur, or open source enthusiast in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Sao Paolo, or Santiago, you’re invited to sign up, stop by and share what you’re working on. If you’re just curious to meet Mozillians or want to learn more about our work, we’d love to meet you. Never forget the Web is made de todos, para todos.

The web is the platform, presented by @canuckistani

Buenos Aires

Friday, April 20: In Buenos Aires, we’ve partnered with Mozilla Hispano, the Buenos Aires Hacks/Hackers group and Blue Via for a day-long event on Friday, April 20, at the NH City & Tower Hotel in the heart of the city. We’ll open with short talks about HTML5 and friends, Javascript APIs, the Add-ons SDK, developer tools, and our newest offering: Apps and Persona.

Registration for MDN Hack Day, Bs As 2012 is now open and we still have space. Please register here.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Tuesday, April 24: We kick off our whirlwind tour of 3 Southern cities in 5 days, with a developer evening in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo. We are grateful for the kind hospitality of the folks at La Diaria, an innovative daily newspaper with a strong web presence and a wonderful venue that’s popular with Uruguay’s tech and business community. Also a big thanks to the crew at Cuboxlabs, a forward-looking software development shop, who are “Available for Awesomeness,” and have definitely been awesome and available in guiding us Norteamericanos in how to set up an developer evening from far-off Mountain View, more than 10 thousand kms away. Joining the MDN crew to speak in Montevideo: Dan Mills (@thunder), product lead for Persona; Shane Caraveo (@mixedpuppy) from Mozilla Labs; and Andres L. Martinez from BlueVia (@davilagrau), an MDN Hack Day Tour sponsor in Montevideo and Santiago, as well as Buenos Aires. Vamanos!

Registration is now open for the Montevideo MDN Hack Day Developer Evening.

São Paulo, Brazil

Thursday, April 26: Robert Nyman (@robertnyman), Mozilla technical evangelist from Sweden (not Switzerland!) will visit São Paulo, Brazil to represent MDN at an evening event organized by Mozilla community member and Caelum software developer and jack-of-all-trades Paulo Silveira (@paulo_caelum) on Thursday, April 26. Robert’s talk is titled “JavaScript APIs – The web is the platform” – and he’ll describe how HTML5, Boot-to-Gecko, and other new APIs inspire a new era of innovative development on the open Web. Big thanks to Paulo and the folks at Caelum for hosting this event in their auditorium, and making Robert welcome in São Paulo.

Registration is now open for the São Paulo MDN Hack Day Developer Evening, hosted by Caelum.

Santiago, Chile

Saturday, April 28: We wrap up our MDN Hack Day tour of the Conosur on Saturday evening with a developer evening in Santiago, Chile, hosted and organized by Jano Gonzalez (@janogonzalez) at the Escuela de Economía y Negocios – Universidad de Chile. This time we’ll be joined by Hernan Colmeiro (@peregrinogris), Firefox intern and Jetpack evangelist; as well as Shane Caraveo, Robert Nyman, Andres L. Martinez from BlueVia, and as always, the one and only Shezmeen Prasad, who makes sure everything is perfect.

Registration is now open for the Santiago MDN Hack Day Developer Evening.

Here we come!

Photo credits: Look, a mouse pointer on the screen! ;-) (Jeff Griffiths Presents..) and Websites and Technology Evangelism team by Nitot.


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    @Jose – Thank you for the kind invitation. We will keep this in mind as we continue our event and travel planning in 2012-2013. Personally, I would love to visit Puerto Rico. Best regards, Havi

    April 9th, 2012 at 11:22

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