MDN Hack Day @polyglotconf, Sunday May 27th in Vancouver BC

Right now my fellow Mozillians are either in Buenos Aires or on their way there to stage this Friday’s MDN Hack Day and the start of our whole South American tour. Me? I’m still at home in Canada working hard the next steps. I’m happy to announce the next MDN Hack Day event will be taking place in my own city, Vancouver BC as part of Mozilla’s sponsorship of the first ever Polyglot Conference at the end of May.

So what’s Polyglot all about? From their site, Polyglot is “An entirely non-denominational software development conference that is about software development and nothing but.” Aside from Mozilla, event sponsors include Github and Spawngrid – a cloud app provider specializing in Erlang.

The event schedule is an interesting blend of different things running over 3 days from Friday May 25th to Sunday May 27th:

  • Friday will feature intense tutorials by conference sponsors including Github, Spawngrid and local Python developer Brian Dorsey.
  • Saturday is the main Polyglot unconference, hosted at SFU’s Harbour Center campus. Take a minute to check out their uservoice page to see some of the suggested topics.
  • On Sunday I’ll be hosting an all-day hack day at Mozilla’s newly renovated Vancouver offices.

For this hack day I am going to deviate a little bit from our blueprint. It seems excessive to do talks in the morning given that we’ve been either giving or attending talks the entire previous day. Instead I just want to take all the awesome ideas people spent the previous day and evening talking about and actually write some code. Crazy!

I expect the place will be packed with intensity with a side of JS and mobile web skills – Vancouver has a tech scene disproportionately heavy with JS hackers, and not all of them have had to move to the Valley yet. I’m hoping we can get some projects started. I’m aiming to install B2G on some people’s phones, show off some mobile Firefox add-ons, and see some great demos at the end of the day!

I’ll post back once we release tickets early next month, or look for tweets in all the usual places.