HTML5 conversion and information at Mosync hackathon in Stockholm, Sweden

It is not often that you find yourself in a disused nuclear reactor from the 50s to talk about state-of-the-art web technology. For about a hundred developers and designers this is exactly what happened last Saturday in Stockholm, Sweden.


The R1 reactor played host to the Mosync hackathon organised to get developers to try out the Wormhole and Reload technologies, both of which make it very easy to build apps based on HTML5 or C++ for both feature and smartphones.

Mosync asked Mozilla to participate after a quick brownbag in their office on HTML5 a few weeks ago. So we went and gave an introduction on “HTML5 and the near-future of the web”. You can read the slides here and see a screencast with audio on YouTube.

The topics covered in the talk are:

And as I had some time and brought my trusty Competition Pro joystick, I thought I should give the Gamepad API a whirl and created the world’s first joystick powered kitten cube (maybe).

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