Announcing the March Dev Derby Winners

Three-D interfaces have been a fascination for as long as we have used computers. CSS 3D transforms allow you to add depth to effects, making more exciting and more engaging user experiences possible. By moving and rotating content in the X, Y and Z axes you can create beautiful transitions and interfaces without having to learn a new language.

Last month, web enthusiasts showed the world just how exciting 3D transforms can be in the March Dev Derby. This was by ever measure our most successful Dev Derby yet. The number of entries was record-setting, the quality was unprecedented, and the energy was undeniable. Our expert judgesRemy Sharp, Chris Coyier, and Chris Heilmann—have named three winners. Please join us in congratulating these outstanding contributors.

1st: Paperfold CSS by mrflix
2nd: The Box by boblemarin
3rd: 3D Image Transitions by joelambert

Runners up:
3D flip list menu by Stu Nicholls
by felipenmoura

It was hard choosing just three winners this month. Practically every demo that was submitted blew us away. So let’s not forget about our our other exceptional contributors. Each and every one of these people is is pushing the web forward and deserves a great deal of praise for doing so.

Want to see your name here next month? We are now accepting demos related to HTML5 audio (April), Websockets (May), and WebGL (June). Get an early start by submitting today.

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John Karahalis is a software developer, a project manager, and a user experience enthusiast. He helps with web development on and project management on the Mozilla Developer Network, and he formerly led the Dev Derby contest.

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  1. Bob

    Congrats on winners… Love the Paperfold….!

    May 1st, 2012 at 12:34

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