Ask your HTML5 Browser Tools Questions for SXSW Panel.

At this years “South by Southwest” (SXSW) Interactive event I’m joining Paul Irish from Google, Mike Taylor from Opera, Brandon Satron from Telerik and Javascript Developer and author Garann Means in a panel on “The State of Browser Developer Tools

The group has a Google Moderator page where you can ask your questions in advance. Please do so.

Not able to attend the panel at SXSW? No problem. I’ll post a collection of the questions and answer right here on Hacks sometime after the event.

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  1. Jeff Scott

    With compiler languages such as Haml Sass and Coffescript gaining considerable ground and Google/Mozilla beginning to implement source mapping, will the end goal be to let developers live edit all of their code in the browser, not just step through Coffescript?

    PS:: Tell your mom I said whats up.

    March 6th, 2012 at 08:03

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