Congratulations November Dev Derby Winners

Canvas is a new HTML5 element which creates a digital “drawing board.” A web developer can use one of these drawing boards along with some JavaScript to create simple shapes, graphs, animations, interactive games, and more. Recently, eighteen creative minds showed us just how powerful and important Canvas is by sharing their work in the November Dev Derby.

Once again, this was a fairly close race, so join us in congratulating the winners:

1st Place: Bouncy and the Apple – Canvas by nklsrh
2nd Place: Rob in Soundland by michal.b
3rd Place: Vandalism by tuxie

Jump the Wall by avnishkgaur
Cirplosion by AmaanC

Thanks to everyone who participated in the November and December Dev Derbies! We love your demos. In the days ahead, we’ll be rounding up the votes on December’s IndexedDB submissions. Now’s the time to get your January Orientation demos built and submitted. Can’t wait to give them a spin (or a tilt).

REMINDER: We recently updated our Dev Derby rules to allow developers to participate in multiple contests until they win 1st place. That means if you’ve submitted awesome demos and come up short in the past, you still have a chance to win that top spot in future Dev Derbies… so keep those demos coming!

One comment

  1. netzaffin

    Bouncy and the apple is great! I love it.
    And of course canvas rocks. I did an image upload some days before and used FileAPI und Canvas und edit the images before uploading. Its such a great feature!

    nklsrh, michal.b & tuxie you did it very well!

    January 18th, 2012 at 01:08

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