Beam me up, Scotty – bringing HTML5 to the enterprise

The last few days I was busy talking to in-house developers at two large enterprise companies, Sabre in Poland and SAP in Germany. Both these companies approached us asking for a talk about HTML5 as the topic gets a lot of interest in the upper echelons and there is a lot of confusion about it.

As we were in Poland anyways to attend Frontrow it was easy to visit Sabre and give a one hour presentation on the ins and outs of HTML5 and where the web might go. The day after the same talk was repeated over Skype for the German office of SAP.

In the one hour presentation we covered:

  • the basics of HTML5
  • what it meant as an evolution of markup
  • what HTML5 is not
  • common HTML5 myths
  • “Friends of HTML5” – related technologies and
  • what the future of web technologies could look like

The slides are available online or embedded below (cursor keys to navigate, press N to show and hide notes and cursor down to proceed on slides with bullet points):

The audio recording of the talk is available on

The slides and the audio is licensed with Creative Commons, so feel free to re-use and distribute them.

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