Mozilla Hacks Weekly, September 1st 2011

Thursday again, and we in the Mozilla Developer Engagement team are happy to present you with another Mozilla Hacks Weekly!

Weekly links September 1 2011

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Here we go!

Christian Heilmann

A picture of Christian Heilmann Flickr announced a new feature called Geofencing which allows you not only to block content from certain groups of people but also define the privacy level of the geo information of your photos. This could be a good blueprint for other geo services.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Christian, he’s available on Twitter as @codepo8.

Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd

A picture of Eric Shepherd A lot of folks probably already know about jsFiddle, but honestly, if you don’t, you need to give it a look. A great way to experiment with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS online and in real time.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Eric, he’s available on Twitter as @sheppy.

Havi Hoffman

A picture of Havi Hoffman There is no such thing as a good field programmer – Righteous Ruby coder Avdi Grimm uses a military metaphor from General George Patton to make a thoughtful argument about code quality and craftsmanship.

Havi can be found on Twitter as @freshelectrons

Janet Swisher

A picture of Janet Swisher Ehsan Akhgari gives a glimpse into the future of editing on the web, including collaborative editing.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Janet, she’s available on Twitter as @jmswisher.

Rob Hawkes

A picture of Rob Hawkes Node Knockout event took part over the weekend. It’s an annual competition in which hundreds of teams around the world have 48 hours to work on awesome Node Web applications. Check out this year’s entries, nearly 200 of them!

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Rob, he’s available on Twitter as @robhawkes.

Robert Nyman

A picture of Robert Nyman What came before WebSockets? A good overlook of both options and struggles we had before Web Sockets came to be.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Robert, he’s available on Twitter as @robertnyman.

Stormy Peters

A picture of Stormy Peters Cory Doctorow discusses how Google Plus is requiring us all to think about identity. Google says because they require real names, they are an identity providing service. I encourage them to come talk to the BrowserID folks at Mozilla bout how identity and privacy are not mutually exclusive.

Stormy can be found on Twitter as @storming

Tristan Nitot

A picture of Tristan Nitot The Rapid Release Process (releasing a new version of Firefox every six weeks) has generated a lot of questions from users, add-on developers and Web developers. Jonathan Nightingale, Director of Firefox Engineering, explains why Mozilla has chosen this path: “We push ourselves to ship faster because the web is under threat. Amazing and innovative people are doing amazing and innovative things and right now they have a choice: build for the web, or build for the walled gardens. The web can win that fight.”

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Tristan, he’s available on Twitter as @nitot.

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