Congrats to our July Dev Derby winners on their amazing HTML5 video demos!

We shifted gears for July and invited Web developers to have some fun with HTML5 video for Dev Derby.

We had 15 awesome demos submitted and while there was a lot of entertainment and innovation happening, we had to narrow them down to 5 finalists:

Facial Recognition and Analytics with HTML5’s Video Tag
HTML5 Video Voting
HTML5 VJing Tool
jQuery VideoBG
Punch the TV!

There are so many cool things you can do with HTML5 video on the Web, and our winners circle definitely reflects the possibilities. So join us in congratulating our July Dev Derby winners!

MDN July Dev Derby winners for HTML5 video

1st Place: HTML5 Video Voting by Jordan Humphreys
2nd Place: HTML5 VJing Tool by spite
3rd Place: Facial Recognition and Analytics with HTML5’s Video Tag by dsg (@dsg: Please update your profile with an email address so we can contact you! Thanks.)

jQuery VideoBG
Punch the TV!

Thanks to everyone that submitted their HTML5 video demos for the July Dev Derby. On to the next race!

Right now, there are only a few days left to submit your History API demo for August. And coming up next we have Geolocation for September and CSS Media Queries for October. So start experimenting and hack on.

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