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Are you on the leading edge of Web technology? Do you want to show the world what you and the Web can do?

New technologies introduced in the latest Web standards like HTML5 are enabling rich experiences on the Internet that were not possible even just a year ago. While many websites continue with the tried and true, some are beginning to experiment with new features and functionality. And then there are Web developers who are pushing the limits of modern Web browsers like Firefox 4 to pave the way for the future. If you’re one of them, Demo Studio is your place for sharing your most innovative work.

We recently launched the Web O’ Wonder website for consumers to experience some of what’s possible with Firefox 4. Those demos are a great start to showcasing the power of the Web, but the latest Web standards and open technologies make possible so much more. So let those demos inspire you to create even more amazing ways for people to experience the Web. Help us build a collection of the best demos on the Web at Demo Studio.

Do you have some awesome code that shows off the latest capabilities of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript? We invite you to join Demo Studio on MDN to contribute your demos and help everyone learn more about the Web through leading edge examples of what is possible today and a preview of things to come. Become an MDN member and check out Demo Studio today!

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  1. Luong_Thong


    March 14th, 2011 at 07:54

  2. George

    HTML5 is a flash killer so Javascript defininitivaly is a bandage to push the product out the door, With todays grapic cards and cpu interfaces for speed and quailty, why not go beyond CSS3 and go with CSS5 use canvas vectors instead of bitmaps, using something like Dreamweaver beware though it does not read SVGs it does HTML5. the last time I used Firefox I ended up with all sorts of language on page everything I opened was in japanese and started getting spam after spam.. so I opted for Chrome 64bit, speed issues though.

    March 22nd, 2011 at 08:49

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