Finding harmony in web development – a talk at London Web

Last week I spoke at the London Web Meetup in London, England about a topic that is close to my heart: finding harmony as a group of professionals in web development. If you come from the outside of our little echo chamber and you see how developers communicate with each other and how we get incredibly agitated about certain subjects you get a very strange impression.

In this talk, I wanted to debunk some myths about ongoing hot debates and give a bit of advice of how changing our ways just a tiny bit would yield a much more productive and creative environment to work in.

The slides are available on SlideShare:

And there is an audio recording of the talk on

There is also a video of the talk available on Vimeo:

Finding Harmony in Web Development – @codepo8 from Nathan O'Hanlon on Vimeo.

As a community, it is up to us to use our energy to build the web of the future. If people don’t understand our problems and don’t get as excited about technical advancements as we are we shouldn’t be discouraged by that. Instead, we should simply come to terms with the fact that we are experts and expert knowledge is not interesting to the outside – the outcome of experts working on products for the mass market is what it interesting instead.

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