Firefox 3.6 is here!

Firefox 3.6 has some cool consumer facing features like Personas and a better Plug-in Updater, but developers have a lot to be excited about too.  Developers will appreciate the increased stability, especially the work done to prevent crashes with third party software.  There are also enhancements like improved JavaScript performance and optimizations to speed up everyday Web tasks to make web applications snappier.  However, what developers will be most interested in are all the new features around CSS3 and HTML5 that bring the future of the Web to Firefox 3.6 today. 

This is an exciting release because we have built on the progress we made with Firefox 3.5 just a few months ago and have implemented even more cutting-edge features that will make the Web experience more engaging and interactive than ever before.

Today’s Firefox 3.6 release and the upcoming mobile release of Firefox for Maemo are both based on Gecko 1.9.2 and bring a number of big features including:

For a more in-depth look at all the changes that developers will want to know about please check out Firefox 3.6 for Developers on MDC. And if you haven’t already, go get Firefox 3.6 now!

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  1. M. Diana Castello

    Honestly, when I first made a comment, I was hoping to be sent a solution–at least, a suggestion…?! How do I do this?? When I’ve gone directly to the FF site, and ask for technical help, it comes back with zero responses. I’ve tried asking, at least a dozen different ways.
    When I hit their ‘contact’ link, there’s only several addresses (not email), where you can snail-mail them a question–how not modern…and inconvenient!!
    Originally, Mozilla was my default browser. Now, I’m so frustrated, I simply don’t use it, at all! You’d think they’d want to know this.

    March 7th, 2011 at 16:40

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