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  1. Programming games in the browser

    A programming game is a computer game where two or more programs compete with each other. What are the basic requirements for programming games and can they be realized in browsers? With JavaScript? 4 basic claims There are 4 basic claims. Competing programs: must run Read more…

  2. Interview with Micah Elizabeth Scott, winner of the Web Workers Dev Derby

    Micah Elizabeth Scott won the Web Workers Dev Derby with Zen photon garden, her impressive (and fun) interactive web raytracer. Recently, I had the chance to learn more about Micah: her work, her ambitions, and her thoughts on the future of web development. The interview Read more…

  3. Announcing the winners of the April 2013 Dev Derby!

    This past April, some of the most creative web developers out there showed us what they could do with Web Workers in the April Dev Derby contest. After looking through the entries, our expert judges–James Padolsey, Janet Swisher, Maire Reavy, and Randell Jesup–decided on three Read more…