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  1. SVG & colors in OpenType fonts

    Prolog Until recently having more than one color in a glyph of a vector font was technically not possible. Getting a polychrome letter required multiplying the content for every color. Like it happened with many other techniques before, it took some time for digital type Read more…

  2. Koalas to the Max – a case study

    One day I was browsing reddit when I came across this peculiar link posted on it: The game was addictive and I loved it but I found several design elements flawed. Why did it start with four circles and not one? Why was the Read more…

  3. The Web Developer Toolbox: Raphaël

    This is the first of a series of articles dedicated to the useful libraries that all web developers should have in their toolbox. My intent is to show you what those libraries can do and help you to use them at their best. This first Read more…

  4. Mozilla Hacks Weekly, March 29th 2012

    Last Thursday of March, so let’s celebrate that with some good links for you! Mozilla’s Developer Engagement team have just what you need to Read more…

  5. Foxkeh's Wallpaper Creator: practical SVG application

  6. Firefox 4: the HTML5 parser – inline SVG, speed and more

    This is a guest post from Henri Sivonen, who has been working on Firefox’s new HTML5 parser. The HTML parser is one of the most complicated and sensitive pieces of a browser. It controls how your HTML source is turned into web pages and as Read more…

  7. Mozilla developer preview (Gecko 1.9.3a1) available for download

    Editor’s note: Today, Mozilla released a preview of the Gecko 1.9.3 platform for developers and testers. Check out the Mozilla Developer News announcement reposted below. A Mozilla Developer Preview of improvements in the Gecko layout engine is now available for download. This is a pre-release Read more…

  8. pointer-events for HTML in Firefox 3.6 css

  9. exploring music with the audio tag

  10. using SVG and APNG to create an animated texture map