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  1. Interview with Sebastian Dorn, winner of the Drag and Drop Dev Derby

    Sebastian Dorn won the Drag and Drop Dev Derby with Pete’s Adventure, his wonderful web-based interactive story. Recently, I had the chance to learn more about Seba: his work, his ambitions, and his thoughts on the future of web development. The interview How did you Read more…

  2. Announcing the winners of the January 2013 Dev Derby!

    This past January, creative web developers from around the world showed us what they could do with drag and drop interaction in the January Dev Derby contest. After looking through the entries, our three new expert judges–Craig Cook, Franck Lecollinet, and Guillaume Lecollinet–decided on four Read more…

  3. The shortest image uploader – ever!

  4. How to develop a HTML5 Image Uploader

    HTML5 comes with a set of really awesome APIs. If you combine these APIs with the <canvas> element, you could create a super/modern/awesome Image Uploader. This article shows you how. All these tips work well in Firefox 4. I also describe some alternative ways to Read more…

  5. HTML5 adoption stories: and html5 drag and drop

    This is a guest post from Tomas Barreto, a developer who works at They recently adopted HTML5 drag and drop as a way to share files with other people using new features in Firefox. The included video is a pitch for the feature and Read more…

  6. an HTML5 offline image editor and uploader application HTML5

  7. interactive file uploads with Drag and Drop, FileAPI and XMLHttpRequest

  8. file drag and drop in Firefox 3.6

  9. W3C FileAPI in Firefox 3.6

    Often, web applications will prompt the user to select a file, typically to upload to a server. Unless the web application makes use of a plugin, file selection occurs through an HTML input element, of the sort <input type="file"/>. Firefox 3.6 now supports much of Read more…

  10. font_dragr: a drag and drop preview tool for fonts