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  1. An analytics primer for developers

    There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics – Mark Twain Deciding what to track (all the things) When you are adding analytics to a system you should try to log everything. At some point in the future if you need to Read more…

  2. Videos and Firefox OS

    Before HTML5 Those were dark times Harry, dark times – Rubeus Hagrid Before HTML5, displaying video on the Web required browser plugins and Flash. Luckily, Firefox OS supports HTML5 video so we don’t need to support these older formats. Video support on the Web Even Read more…

  3. Rormix – Discover Emerging Music Videos with Firefox OS

    Rormix is a platform for discovering emerging music videos. Music videos are tagged by genre and similar commercial artists, making it easy to discover new music videos. The Rormix app was made using PhoneGap and released on iOS and Android. Development took just over a Read more…