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  1. Building Cordova apps for Firefox OS

    Update: In addition to the Cordova integration described below, Firefox OS is now supported in the 3.4 release of Adobe PhoneGap. If you’re already building apps with PhoneGap, you can quickly and easily port your existing apps to Firefox OS. We think this is so Read more…

  2. Implementing In-App Payments in Your Firefox OS App

    At Mozilla, we have been working on bringing payments to the web. We think it is important that developers have an easy way to monetize their apps. It also gives us the chance to offer deeper platform integration, allowing things like carrier billing in addition Read more…

  3. Writing Web Apps Quickly With Mortar

    With the introduction of Firefox OS, development of an open apps marketplace, and a push to implement powerful web APIs for closer hardware integration, Mozilla is serious about web apps. We believe that the web can deliver an experience similar to native apps, even on Read more…