Introducing MDN Plus: Make MDN your own

MDN is one of the most trusted resources for information about web standards, code samples, tools, and everything you need as a developer to create websites. In 2015, we explored how we could expand beyond documentation to provide a structured learning experience. Our first foray was the Learning Area, with the goal of providing a useful addition to the regular MDN reference and guide material. In 2020, we added the first Front-end developer learning pathway. We saw a lot of interest and engagement from users, and the learning area contributed to about 10% of MDN’s monthly web traffic. These two initiatives were the start of our exploration into how we could offer more learning resources to our community. Today, we are launching MDN Plus, our first step to providing a personalized and more powerful experience while continuing to invest in our always free and open webdocs.

Build your own MDN Experience with MDN Plus

In 2020 and 2021 we surveyed over 60,000 MDN users and learned that many of the respondents  wanted a customized MDN experience. They wanted to organize MDN’s vast library in a way that worked for them. For today’s premium subscription service, MDN Plus, we are releasing three new features that begin to address this need: Notifications, Collections and MDN Offline. More details about the features are listed below:

  • Notifications: Technology is ever changing, and we know how important it is to stay on top of the latest updates and developments. From tutorial pages to API references, you can now get notifications for the latest developments on MDN. When you follow a page, you’ll get notified when the documentation changes, CSS features launch, and APIs ship. Now, you can get a notification for significant events relating to the pages you want to follow. Read more about it here.

Screenshot of a list of notifications on mdn plus

  • Collections: Find what you need fast with our new collections feature. Not only can you pick the MDN articles you want to save, we also automatically save the pages you visit frequently. Collections help you quickly access the articles that matter the most to you and your work. Read more about it here.

Screenshot of a collections list on mdn plus

  • MDN offline: Sometimes you need to access MDN but don’t have an internet connection. MDN offline leverages a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to give you access to MDN Web Docs even when you lack internet access so you can continue your work without any interruptions. Plus, with MDN offline you can have a faster experience while saving data. Read more about it here.

Screenshot of offline settings on mdn plus

Today, MDN Plus is available in the US and Canada. In the coming months, we will expand to other countries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. 

Find the right MDN Plus plan for you

MDN is part of the daily life of millions of web developers. For many of us MDN helped with getting that first job or helped land a promotion. During our research we found many of these users, users who felt so much value from MDN that they wanted to contribute financially. We were both delighted and humbled by this feedback. To provide folks with a few options, we are launching MDN Plus with three plans including a supporter plan for those that want to spend a little extra. Here are the details of those plans:

  • MDN Core: For those who want to do a test drive before purchasing a plan, we created an option that lets you try a limited version for free.  
  • MDN Plus 5:  Offers unlimited access to notifications, collections, and MDN offline with new features added all the time. $5 a month or an annual subscription of $50.
  • MDN Supporter 10:  For MDN’s loyal supporters the supporter plan gives you everything under MDN Plus 5 plus early access to new features and a direct feedback channel to  the MDN team. It’s $10 a month or $100 for an annual subscription.  

Additionally, we will offer a 20% discount if you subscribe to one of the annual subscription plans.

We invite you to try the free trial version or sign up today for a subscription plan that’s right for you. MDN Plus is only available in selected countries at this time.


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Hermina is Head of Product for MDN, at Mozilla, leading the MDN content, engineering and product teams. She is based in Paris, France.

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