Control your data for good with Rally

Let’s face it, if you have ever used the internet or signed up for an online account, or even read a blog post like this one, chances are that your data has left a permanent mark on the interwebs and online services have exploited your data without your awareness for a very long time. 

The Fight for Privacy

The fight for privacy is compounded by the rise in misinformation and platforms like Facebook willingly sharing information that is untrustworthy, shutting down platforms like Crowdtangle and recently terminating the accounts of New York University researchers that built Ad Observer, an extension dedicated to bringing greater transparency to political advertising. We think a better internet is one where people have more control over their data. 

Contribute your data for good

In a world where data and AI are reshaping society, people currently have no tangible way to put their data to work for the causes they believe in. To address this, we built the Rally platform, a first-of-its-kind tool that enables you to contribute your data to specific studies and exercise consent at a granular level. Mozilla Rally puts you in control of your data while building a better Internet and a better society. 

Mozilla Rally

Like Mozilla, Rally is a community-driven open source project and we publish our code on GitHub, ensuring that it’s open-source and freely available for you to audit. Privacy, control and transparency are foundational to Rally. Participating is voluntary, meaning we won’t collect data unless you agree to it first, and we’ll provide you with a clear understanding of what we have access to at every step of the way.


With your help, we can create a safer, more transparent, and more equitable internet that protects people, not Big Tech. 


Rally needs users and is currently available on Firefox. In the future, we will expand to other web browsers. We’re currently looking for users who are residents in the United States, age 19 and older. 

Protecting the internet and its users is hard work!  We’re also hiring to grow our Rally Team.


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