Here’s what’s happening with the Firefox Nightly logo

Fox Gate

The internet was set on fire (pun intended) this week, by what I’m calling ‘fox gate’, and chances are you might have seen a meme or two about the Firefox logo. Many people were pulling up for a battle royale because they thought we had scrubbed fox imagery from our browser.

This is definitely not happening.

The logo causing all the stir is one we created a while ago with input from our users. Back in 2019, we updated the Firefox browser logo and added the parent brand logo. 

What we learned throughout this, is that many of our users aren’t actually using the browser because then they’d know (no shade) the beloved fox icon is alive and well in Firefox on your desktop.

Shameless plug – you can download the browser here

Firefox logo OSX Dock

You can read more about how all this spiralled in the mini-case study on how the ‘fox gate’ misinformation spread online here.

screenshot of tweet with firefox logos, including parent logo

Long story short, the fox is here to stay and for our Firefox Nightly users out there, we’re bringing back a very special version of an older logo, as a treat.

Firefox Browser Nightly

Our commitment to privacy and a safe and open web remains the same. We hope you enjoy the nightly version of the logo and take some time to read up on spotting misinformation and fake news.


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