Learn web technology at “sofa school”

Lots of kids around the world are learning from home right now. In this post, I introduce free resources based on web technologies that will help them explore and learn from the safety of their living rooms. VR headsets and high-end graphics cards aren’t necessary. Really, all you need is a web browser!


Create a secret hideout

Hubs by Mozilla lets you share a virtual room with friends right in your browser. You can watch videos, play with 3D objects, or just hang out. Then, once you get the hang of Hubs, you can build almost anything imaginable with Spoke: a clubhouse, adventure island, or magic castle . . . . In Hubs, your little world becomes a place to spend time with friends (and show off your skills).

Try It Out

Example images of many different Hubs room environments created using Spoke


Play with the CSS Coloring Book

When kids (or adults) want to color, you have some options besides pulp paper booklets of princesses and sea creatures, thanks to Lubna, a front-end developer from the UK. Just click the “Edit On Codepen” button, and start playing. (The CSS color guide on MDN is a helpful reference). Young and old can learn by experimenting with this fun little toy.

Bring Bright Colors Into A Gray Day

Screenshot of the "Hello Spring" coloring book codepen with Edit button


Learn CSS Grid and Flexbox

The seasons are changing around the world—toward spring and toward fall. It feels like time to get into the garden and meet the frogs hopping from plant to plant. The Grid Garden that is, and Flexbox Froggy, to be precise. Educational software vendor Codepip created these attractive online learning experiences. They’re a great place for the young—and the young at heart—to get started with CSS.

Enter the Garden
Meet Flexbox Froggy

Screenshot of the Grid Garden where you can write CSS to grow pretend carrots


Fly to Jupiter

You don’t need a bus, car, submarine, or rocketship to go on a field trip. Educator Kai has created a variety of free VR experiences for kids and adults over at KaiXR. No headset is needed. Visit the planets of the solar system, Martin Luther King Memorial, the Mayan city of Chichen Itza, and the Taj Mahal in India. See dinosaurs, explore the human body, dive under the sea . . . and much, much more.

Go Exploring

Screenshot showing images of some of the Web XR journeys you can go on with Kai


It’s great to share resources!

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