View Source 5 comes to Amsterdam

Mozilla’s View Source Conference is back for a fifth year, this time in Amsterdam, September 30 – October 1, 2019. Tickets are available now.

What’s new for 2019

This year, we’re trying something new. We’ve shifted our focus to take a deeper look at the web platform and how it is evolving. We’ve planned more interactive sessions, and we’ve partnered with a variety of groups to bring you even more opportunities to engage, learn and participate.

Our goal in 2019 is to offer a unique, two-day, single track conference. With this in mind, we’ll provide ways to engage with engineering and thought leaders from Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and a variety of individuals and organizations that shape the web today and for the future. These experts will share a perspective on how browser makers, standards bodies, and allies work together to create, support, and implement web standards. Together, we’ll explore what that means for the web platform and the developers and designers who rely on it.

We’ll hear from Google’s Paul Irish and Elizabeth Sweeny on performance, Mozilla’s Selena Deckelman on security and Mike Taylor on web compatibility, along with talks from friends and allies like Henri Helvetica, Hui Jing Chen, Ali Spittel, and Tejas Kumar. Jeremy Keith will close out the event with a new talk, and more speakers will be announced in the coming days and weeks.

Beyond the main stage, we are bringing back “conversation corners.” These breakout sessions create opportunities for attendees to learn from and talk with the people across the industry who are contributing to web standards and building browsers and other tools and technologies.

Come for View Source, stay for Fronteers

To provide a full week’s worth of events, we’ve partnered with Fronteers—Amsterdam’s noted single-track community-driven conference on front-end web development that’s taking place Oct 3-4—to offer combination tickets and shared social events. There’s also a Hack on MDN Web Docs event on Oct 2, where we’ll work on web standards documentation together.

Making sure View Source is representative, inclusive, and accessible is a core goal of the conference. To that end, we’ve set aside 20% of the conference tickets for diversity scholarships. In addition, we will provide live captioning, reserved seating, a lounge for attendees from underrepresented groups, a quiet space, and a focus on a friendly and inclusive environment. We not only have a code of conduct but a strong response and communication plan to ensure that all are welcome, safe, and well-treated.

Tickets & updates

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements. We will put out a CFP for lightning talks and a call for volunteers, as well as information on how to apply for a scholarship in the coming weeks. To keep up with the latest news, including newly announced speakers, please follow @viewsourceconf on Twitter.

View Source 2019 Amsterdam tickets are on sale now. Join us in Amsterdam for a week of amazing events. Want to check out last year’s View Source talks? Our 2018 speaker lineup was spectacular, and we’ll rise to this stellar level again this year.

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