Developer Roadshow 2019 returns with VR, IoT and all things web

Mozilla Developer Roadshow is a meetup-style, Mozilla-focused event series for people who build the web. In 2017, the Roadshow reached more than 50 cities around the world. We shared highlights of the latest and greatest Mozilla and Firefox technologies. Now, we’re back to tell the story of how the web continues to democratize opportunities for developers and digital creators.

New events in New York and Los Angeles

To open our 2019 series, Mozilla presents two events with VR visionary Nonny de la Peña and the Emblematic Group in Los Angeles (April 23) and in New York (May 20-23). de la Peña’s pioneering work in virtual reality, widely credited with helping create the genre of immersive journalism, has been featured in Wired, Inc., The New York Times, and on the cover of The Wall Street Journal. Emblematic will present their latest project, REACH in WebVR. Their presentation will include a short demo of their product. During the social hour, the team will be available to answer questions and share their learnings and challenges of developing for the web.

Funding and resource scarcity continue to be key obstacles in helping the creative community turn their ideas into viable products. Within the realm of cutting edge emerging technologies, such as mixed reality, it’s especially challenging for women. Because women receive less than 2% of total venture funding, the open distribution model of the web becomes a viable and affordable option to build, test, and deploy their projects.

Upcoming DevRoadshow events

The DevRoadshow continues on the road with eight more upcoming sessions in Europe and the Asia Pacific regions throughout 2019. Locations and dates will be announced soon. We’re eager to invite coders and creators around the world to join us this year. The Mozilla Dev Roadshow is a great way to make new friends and stay up to date on new products. Come learn about services and opportunities that extend the power of the web as the most accessible and inclusive platform for immersive experiences.

Check back to this post for updates, visit our DevRoadshow site for up to date registration opportunities, and follow along our journey on @mozhacks or sign up for the weekly Mozilla Developer Newsletter. We’ll keep you posted!

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