New & Experimental Web Design Tools: Feedback Requested

The state of design tools in Firefox

Screenshot of Grid Inspector in action
A year ago, the Firefox DevTools team formed a subgroup to focus on new tools for working in web design, CSS, and HTML. Motivated by the success of the Grid Inspector, and with help from the Developer Outreach, Gecko Platform, and Accessibility teams, we launched the Variable Fonts Editor and the Shape Path Editor, added an Accessibility Inspector, and revamped our Responsive Design Mode.

Our goal: To build empowering new tools that integrate smartly with your modern web design workflow.

Screenshot of Flexbox Inspector

We’re currently hard at work on a comprehensive Flexbox Inspector as well as CSS change-tracking. Early versions of each of these can be tried out in Firefox Nightly. (The Changes panel is hidden behind a flag in about:config: devtools.inspector.changes.enabled)

Please share your input

We’re just getting started, and now we want to learn more about you. Tell us about your biggest CSS and web design issues in the first-ever Design Tools survey! We want to hear from both web developers and designers, and not just Firefox users—Chrome, Safari, Edge, and IE users are greatly encouraged to submit your thoughts!

Survey Banner: We need your input! Tell us about your day-to-day work in web design and CSS (image of otter with wrench)

In early 2019, we’ll post an update with the results in order to share our data with the greater community and continue our experiment in open design.

Get in touch

Feel free to chat with the Firefox DevTools team at any time via @FirefoxDevTools on Twitter or Discourse. You can also learn more about getting involved.

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