View Source Conference Berlin 2016

An overview

View Source is an intimate, single-track conference for web developers, now in its second year.

View Source 2016 takes place in Berlin, Germany, September 12-14, beginning with Ignite lightning talks on Monday evening, followed by two full days of great presenters, curated conversations, and sociable evenings. Tickets are still on sale.

Here’s a quick look at our lineup of main stage speakers — 16 great reasons to go! Discounted tickets are still available if you register now. (Note: this link applies the MOZHACKS discount. Bring a friend!). We’d love to meet you there.

View Source Conference at the Gerding Theater in Portland, OR 2015. (© Photo by Jakub Mosur Photography)

Sixteen speakers, and much, much more

Belén Albeza – engineer and game developer on the Mozilla Developer Relations Team.”Coding like a girl since 1996.”

Rachel Andrew – web developer, speaker and author. Co-founder of the really little CMS Perch.

Hadley Beeman – Open data, open standards & technology policy. “Mission: Using open data, open standards and online collaboration to improve government and daily life.

  • View Source keynote: State of the Web

View Source Conference is the inaugural Mozilla hosted web developer conference held at the Gerding Theater in Portland, OR from November 2-4, 2015. (© Photo by Jakub Mosur Photography)

Myles Borins“musician, artist, developer and inventor. He works for IBM spending most of his time contributing to the node.js ecosystem.”

Ola Gasidlo“JavaScript && daughter driven development. Lead developer.”

Dominique Hazael-Massieux“W3C Staff, working on next generation of Web technologies (incl JS APIs and WebRTC), with specific mobile focus.”

Helen Holmes – coder, author, and all round client-side wonk. “@firefoxdevtools @mozilla▫️ design, type, IoT, feminist, swift, javascript, español, white ally

Jeremy Keith“An Irish web developer working with @Clearleft curating @dConstruct, and more.”

Robert Nyman – “Global Lead for Developer Feedback & Communities, Web Platform, at Google. Helps developers in creating great things!

  • View Source keynote: The Future of the Web – Progressive Web Apps and Beyond
  • Website: Robert Nyman

Tracy Osborn – “Author of @HelloWebApp and creator of @WeddingLovely. Designer-developer-entreprenerd who loves being outside and climbing mountains.

Lena Reinhard“Team Lead @TravisCI, Speaker, Photographer, Feminist Killjoy.”

Dan Shappir – “My job is to make 85 million websites… load and execute faster #perfmatters

Jen Simmons – “Designer Advocate at Mozilla. Host & executive producer of The Web Ahead podcast. Excited about new CSS for web page layout & revolutionizing editorial design.

Mike Taylor – “Web Compat at Mozilla. I mostly tweet about crappy code.

Estelle Weyl – “0.10X Engineer. Snuggler of dogs. Trainer of slugs. Never has an opinion. Always has many.

Chris Wilson“World Wide Web Shaman. Freethinker.”

It’s a brilliant lineup.

And that’s just a rundown of the main stage speakers for Tuesday and Wednesday. The View Source experience begins Monday evening with a collection of Ignite talks, and the schedule continues with workshops, demos, discussion areas, and evening social events through Wednesday. Join us!


View Source Conference at the Gerding Theater in Portland, OR 2015. (© Photo by Jakub Mosur Photography)

If you can’t be in Berlin next month…

Rest assured that all the View Source speaker talks will be recorded and made available after the event. We will let you know where to find them as they are released. Want to have a look at last year’s conference talks? Check out the View Source 2015 channel on Air Mozilla, Mozilla’s video platform. Got questions, comments, concerns? Please tweet to @viewsourceconf and we will respond.