Developer Tools feedback channels, one week in

Editor’s Note: Thanks to everyone who took the time to share constructive feedback and ideas for Firefox Devtools via our UserVoice channel. This forum is no longer available. We’ve decided to move the conversation over to the Google group, where the conversation is lively, and Firefox DevTools team members are available to answer questions and respond to comments. See you there! (March 2016).

Last week we launched Feedback channels, with the first one out on Developer Tools in Firefox. The feedback channel on UserVoice is the place to go for any ideas or thoughts about the Firefox Developer Tools.

Looking at the first week for Developer Tools feedback

During the first week for our Developer Tools feedback channel, we got:

  • 99 new ideas
  • 1382 votes
  • 4080 unique users

Mozilla has responded to 97% of the ideas, out of which:

Notable is that many ideas that came up are things that we already have bugs for in Bugzilla and ideas and approaches that have been talked about and considered.

Thank you!

So, sincerely, thank you for all the input and constructive ideas and comments! We appreciate it a lot and by having this direct dialog and communication with you, it helps us to build better and more useful Developer Tools!

Please continue to express your ideas, vote on existing ones and stay on track with the progress!

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