May MDN sprint wrap-up

Here are some of the high points from the MDN sprint that took place last weekend, May 31st and June 1st.

New content

Mixed security content blocking is now turned on by default in Firefox Aurora. David Bruant and Xavier Borderie improved the Mixed content page and David created How to fix a website with blocked mixed content.

Jérémie Patonnier hosted the meet-up in the Paris office, and finished documenting the WebFM API. Jérémie has been documenting lots of the hardware device APIs. Check out this Device orientation example, if your browser and device support it.

New contributor Scott Turner improved the Using IndexedDB article.


A sprint meet-up in Mozilla’s Paris office meant that lots of French translation work got done, with lots of fixes to the corresponding English content along the way. Several people continued working after the end of the sprint, so by now:


William Reynolds completed editorial reviews on a large number of articles, from Rhino Runtime to Object defineProperty.

Editorial reviews (checking grammar, spelling, etc.) are a quick and easy way to contribute to MDN, even if you’re new to development. Lots of newcomers to MDN start out by doing editorial reviews — you can too! Just click Sign in on any MDN page, and create an account via Mozilla Persona.