Mozilla at Mobile World Congress & WIPJam

It’s getting close to the end of February, and Mozilla is once again gearing up for Mobile World Congress (MWC). Last year, we made a splash talking about HTML5 and Boot to Gecko, and this year we’re back and bigger than ever, with a booth in the AppPlanet hall where we will be doing a lot of demos of Firefox OS and HTML5 apps.

Being at WIPJam

We will also be back at (and helping to sponsor) WIPJam , the biggest developer event at MWC. Last year Christian Heilmann spoke about HTML5; this year we will be giving talks and workshops on HTML5 apps, Firefox OS, and showing off developer tools for Firefox Marketplace and app creation. WIPJam has gotten pretty big, with 3500 people registered to attend the one day event.

Our WIPJam schedule

Here’s a quick overview of what we will be doing & presenting at WIPJam on Thursday, 28 February:

  1. An expert table where we will be answering questions and giving demos of Firefox OS, Marketplace developer tools and more.
  2. Sponsoring a Hackathon category for apps using WebAPis or WebRTC.
  3. Christian Heilmann will be back at WIPJam, giving an UnPanel on “HTML5 beyond the hype” and leading several HTML Discussion Group sessions (he’s going to be busy!).
  4. Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich & Robert Nyman will be giving a 50-minute workshop: Why Open Web Apps & Firefox OS are good for mobile developers.
  5. There also will be 4 DemoCamp presentations by developers we met at the FirefoxOS App Days in January. We’re excited that Untappd, Jaxogram, Reditr, & WordPress Photos will be at WIPJam showing off what HTML5 really can do.

We’ll be posting updates on Twitter during the show, and a recap of the event here once we all get some sleep afterwards. Also stay tuned for some exciting announcements, starting with a press conference on Sunday and continuing throughout the event.

Going to MWC?

Going to MWC? Register for WIPJam and come visit us!

Here’s the Full WIPJam agenda.

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