Results of the Fall 2012 MDN virtual doc sprint

Over the weekend of November 30 to December 2, a hardy band of MDN contributors came together virtually (via IRC and etherpad) to work on improving documentation on MDN for Web standards and for Mozilla’s open technology and the project itself. Below are the highlights of the weekend’s activities.

Web standards docs

  • Saurabh Anand added browser compatibility info to five CSS properties (in addition to creating a screencast! — see below).
  • Fred Bourgeon translated, updated, or fixed a bunch of CSS articles in French (including fixing the article structure and property tables for all CSS reference articles in French), and also improved CSS value definition syntax in English.
  • Marc-Aurèle Darche finalized the “Storage Limits” section of IndexedDB; added a note to the type of key to be passed to the IDBObjectStore delete method; extensively rewrote and added example code to Using files from web applications; and added a long example to Using IndexedDB.
  • Ethertank performed huge amount of cleanup of markup and links across a wide range of articles, including HTML elements, JavaScript global objects, CSS properties, and miscellaneous other areas.
  • Ronan Jouchet met up in person with Fred to make his first contributions to MDN, which included making the example in :nth-child a live example, and adding live examples to :enabled and contextmenu, the latter based on code that Vikash Agrawal wrote last summer. And he reported a bug in the live example feature.
  • Jérémie Pationnier added articles for eight SVG attributes, and added an example to feDiffuseLighting.
  • Jean-Yves Perrier drafted an article on Using CSS variables.
  • Angel Fernando Quiroz Campos translated Using audio and video with HTML5 into Spanish.
  • Brett Zamir added shim code to String and fromCharCode; and moved String and Array generic methods from New in JavaScript 1.6 to their respective articles.

Mozilla technology and project docs

Many thanks to all who participated!

P.S. Look for “State of the Docs” posts to resume in 2013.

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