Cheerio! to another MDN doc sprint

This past weekend, a group of MDN contributors finished another fun and productive documentation sprint, while enjoying the environment of Mozilla’s London office.

Foosball battle at the London doc sprint

Julia and Julien battle at the foosball table, while Onur looks on.

Here’s a sampling of what we accomplished:

Thanks to Chris Mills from Opera for hanging out with the group while working on a related project. (Look for more news about that later this week.)

Kadir Topal from the SUMO team also joined us, and talked with localizers about their workflow and needs. Since MDN’s Kuma platform is based on SUMO’s Kitsune platform, relevant improvements in one will eventually flow to the other.

Thanks also to Ali Spivak for organizing all the logistics, and to Shannon Clayton for helping us feel welcome. I’m afraid we put a bit of a dent in the office’s supply of chocolate:

Remains of Mozilla London chocolate