Talking web standards with Microsoft part 2 – Modern Web Development

In a recently recorded video series for Microsoft’s Channel 9 Rey Bango and Chris Heilmann talked about a few web development topics on camera. The recordings are being edited now but you can get the presentations and the code examples right now.

Rey and Chris

Yesterday you could get the materials of the Building for real standards session. The second session is about “Modern Web Development”. In this we talk about developing for an unknown environment using Progressive Enhancement, what the differences are to Graceful Degradation and we show how Responsive Design can lead to a future friendly product. The slides areavailable on Slideshare and there is also a version with presenter notes.

Modern web development

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As part of the Mozilla Evangelism Reps Program we also make the slides with presenter notes as PDF, Keynote and PPT available and additionally release the code examples with tips on how to present them.

You can get all of this on GitHub in case you want to give this presentation yourself.

The videos of these sessions should be out in a few weeks. We’ll keep you updated.

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