Save the Date: MDN Hack Day Comes to NYC on March 24

A bunch of us Mozilla Developer Network folks — web developers, technical writers, developer evangelists and cat herders like me — will be hosting MDN’s first Hack Day in the great city of New York.

Like many teams who work together at Mozilla, we’re geographically dispersed, and manage to meet in real life a few times per year. The U.S east coast is a relative mid-point between Western Canada, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee on the one hand, and France, Great Britain, Sweden, and Switzerland, on the other. So we’re headed for Brooklyn and the Big Apple!

On Saturday, March 24, we’ll be at New Work City, a splendid coworking space, which aims “to make the world a better place by empowering people to make a living doing things they love.” (That sounds like us!) We’ll open with a series of short talks about our projects and technologies, and after lunch we’ll hang out and hack, closing the day with demos.

New Work City logo

We know that New York City is home to a flourishing tech scene with a thriving startup culture, influential venture firms, and lots of opportunity for developers. The hacker ethic is alive and well in NYC through the work of many collaborators, including: our Mozilla Foundation colleagues at The Hive Learning Network; WebFWD partner General Assembly, putting together a campus for technology, design, and entrepreneurship; and The Creators Project, which will be in San Francisco the weekend before, March 17-18, with a spectacular audio visual installation and other works of astonishing goodness.

We’re eager to meet, explore, and share some of the stuff we’ve been working on: HTML5, gaming, developer tools for Firefox, the evolution of Jetpack, open-source documentation, and roadmaps that support brand new open platforms and projects. We hope you’ll come check out what we’re building on the open Web and see if we can work together.

Mozilla is a non-profit with a mission to “to promote openness, innovation and opportunity” and a manifesto describing the “principles that we believe are critical for the Internet to continue to benefit the public good.”

Let’s hack together — in a city that embraces innovation — and never sleeps. Space is limited, so sign up now, and we’ll save you a t-shirt!