State of the docs, December 7, 2011

This is part of a series of blog posts about new or changed content on MDN.

Web standards docs

New pages!

Jeremie Patonnier continues charging through SVG DOM interfaces:

Henri Sivonen wrote an article on HTML in XMLHttpRequest.

Updated docs

Marcoos updated document.importNode for DOM4, added browser compatibility tables to Node.parentNode, window.home and CSS :hover; and updated compatibility info on several other pages.

martijnetje added a compatibilty note about JScript to the String.substr.

fusionchess added examples for the JavaScript ‘for’ statement, for window.location, and for Using XMLHttpRequest.

Mozilla project docs

Kyle Huey updated the Windows prerequisites for the build instructions and the pymake page, and created a simplified XPCOM hashtable guide.

Jeff Beatty has been beefing up the information to assist Firefox localizers, such as the Localization Quick Start Guide.

Mark Banner updated the page on Thunderbird localization, and created one on productizing Thunderbird localizations.

Nicholas Nethercote wrote an article on Zombie compartments.

New staff

Long-time MDN contributor Jean-Yves Perrier has joined Mozilla’s Developer Engagement team as a technical writer, expanding the paid writing staff of MDN to three people. Located in Switzerland, he’ll continue working on docs for open Web standards and help keep MDN up to date with changes in Firefox. You’ll find Jean-Yves on IRC as teoli, and you can follow him on Twitter as @Teoli2003. Welcome!

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